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Network With Fashion Lovers on Stylehive

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When you feel the need to mix and mingle online with people who share your fierce passion for fashion, design and shopping then the place to go is Stylehive. This is simply because Stylehive is the online premier destination for anything that borders on that trinity of style; fashion, design and of course, shopping. Imagine when you had something really cool to put on and all you wanted to do was tell your friends about it? You really felt like sharing and getting feedback from them but had no way of doing that? Well, Stylehive is the answer to that. Not only is this online platform a social meet-up for people really into fashion and style, it is also an avenue for you to meet people who are rocking the very latest in trends and pop-culture. Discovery is one huge part of Stylehive as you really want to dive right into it and get to know really cool and hip people who know what is really trendy and what will be the next big thing.

There is huge traffic on the Stylehive website daily as fashion and style retailers are taking advantage of the teeming number of style aficionados to engage shoppers from all over the world. As you comb the internet for new and fresh ideas, you hope to find artists who are making waves with their novel ideas and on Stylehive, you will find a lot of them. These new artists are looking to sell their ideas to the public, to people like you through Stylehive and this is a massive opportunity to get ahead of the public in tapping into their style in order to stand out above others. You are not the only person looking for fresh fashion and design stuff to share as your kindred spirits in that field globally are making jaw-dropping finds almost every minute daily. It is a wonderful world in Stylehive and been a Stylehiver!

Stylehive operates on the ‘follower’ model. If you find a Stylehiver whose taste you love and connect with, you simply follow the person and by following people like that, you find out that you have a powerful flow of shopping recommendations. As you follow other people, you would also get followers including family and friends who will join you in making fashion and style decisions as well as shopping decisions.

How To Join Stylehive

When you join Stylehive, you become a Stylehiver, one of the proud trendsetters looking to change the world using fashion and style. As a Stykehiver, you can enjoy some great advantages and here are a few of them:

  • You are allowed to follow other people on Stylehive once you detect that they have fashion tastes that suit you.
  • You will be able to create your own Stylehive profile and just as you have followed others, start having followers of your own.
  • Become a member of some retail communities on the Stylehive platform and reap rewards such as special offers.
  • Access diverse Stylehive functionality that enhance the fun you will have as a Stylehiver

Joining Stylehive is certainly very easy and you will complete the process in as much time as it takes to say ‘Stylehive’. To go about signing up on Stylehive, you simply proceed to the homepage of the website at Once you get there, the invitation to join Stylehive is very boldly positioned at eye level and all you would need to fill the two required fields; Email Address and Username. You will be directed to another page specifically for registering and all you would need to provide in addition to the already provided information is your chosen password as the previous information will appear in the fields. You may indicate your desire to receive the Stylehive daily newsletter by ticking the box just beneath the form then entering the security code provided before clicking ‘Next’. There are an additional but optional step to spread the word to your email contact list. You may skip this if you wish.

Costs of Using Stylehive

You get to use Stylehive FREE . There are no charges levied when you register on Stylehive nor are there any for you to create your profile and have followers. It is simply free.

How To Use Stylehive

Once you complete the brief registration process, you will be directed to your profile page where can begin to build the kind of profile that will be attractive to fellow Stylehivers and convince them to start following you. Here are steps recommended for you to take on Stylehive to get going and rocking…:

  • Launch Your MyHIVE Page: Simply fill out your profile page and upload a photo of yourself. You can also select a style theme that suits you and looks very attractive to other Stylehivers.
  • Start Hiving!: Hiving something you see in another Stylehiver’s hive is very easy. All you need to do is to hit the ‘Hive It’ button whenever you see that really great stuff.
  • Start Following Other Stylehivers: Of course, it is not compulsory to follow everyone but as you browse through the Stylehive website and come across any Stylehiver whose style you really dig, all you need to do is tap that person’s ‘Follow’ button and you are following that person. One nice thing about following people is that, those really great stuff they put up on their hive, it shows up in yours too.
  • Make New Friends and Invite Existing Contacts: Stylehive is fun all the way and if you are not making friends, then you are not enjoying the fun. One nice way of doing this is to compliment anyone whose style you really like. Simply click the ‘Compliment Me’ button on the person’s MyHIVE page. It is that easy and there is nothing wrong with asking the person to follow you back. Why enjoy all the Stylehive fun alone when you already have friends who would love to have a piece of the action? Dig into your old contacts on social media and email and invite them to share the fun!
  • There are style communities hosted on Stylehive by top retailers and brands. Join them and get great deals.