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Top tips for using StumbleUpon

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You may have heard of your friends talking about this strange invention called StumbleUpon. You don’t really know what it is, but from your friends have been saying you know it must be absolutely awesome. If you want to know about StumbleUpon and how to use it, read on for more information.

What is StumbleUpon?

Before you get started with your StumbleUpon account you will probably want to know exactly what StumbleUpon is. The basic function of StumbleUpon is to help you surf the web more effectively. You will be able to specify what your interests are and what topics you would like to read about online. StumbleUpon will then find websites for you based on the specifications you have made, and you will be able to increase the enjoyment you experience in your web surfing.

Sign up for an account

The first step of using StumbleUpon is, of course, to get an account. In order to sign up with StumbleUpon you will first have to visit or simply type ‘StumbleUpon’ into the Google search bar (it should be the very first hit you get on Google). On the website there will be an option to sign up for an account. To do this simply click on the button that says “Join for Free”. At some point during the joining process (which will be conducted in a very similar method to every other account that you have ever signed up for) you will be asked to install the StumbleUpon toolbar. It is essential that you do this if you want to use StumbleUpon effectively. Follow the instructions that you will be given in order to install the toolbar quickly.

Stumbling with the StumbleUpon toolbar

Once the toolbar is installed you will be able to start stumbling. In order to stumble you will simply have to click on the ‘Stumble’ button on the toolbar. This button will be located on the left of the toolbar. The nice thing about StumbleUpon is that a lot of the time you will be prompted with what to do. For example, the first time you click on the “Stumble button you will be prompted to specify what your interests are from the categories that are provided on the website. The topics that you choose will then function as the parameters of your StumbleUpon experience. Once you have done this you will only be sent to websites that are in line with the preferences that you have specified. After this first use of the “Stumble” button you will then be able to click on the button again to be sent to your first StumbleUpon webpage.

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

There are a lot of websites on the internet so it is highly unlikely that StumbleUpon will send you to websites that you have visited. A big part of being part of the StumbleUpon community is feed back. On the StumbleUpon toolbar there are two other icons. One is a green thumb pointing up, and the other is a red thumb pointing down. If you select the green thumb you re saying that you liked the site. If you choose the red thumb you are indicating that you did not like the site. Two buttons away from the thumbs down button is a talk button. If you click on this you will be able to write a review about the website. There will be other reviews written by other members of StumbleUpon for you to consider as well, so it is a way to connect with others and share your views about the website. If you have selected the thumbs down button you will be able to open a drop down menu and choose one of the options that are mentioned about why you did not enjoy the website.

Spreading the News

If you find a website that you like that you absolutely love you will have the option to send that website to your friends via email. On the StumbleUpon toolbar there is a “send to” button. When you click on this button you will be able to enter the emails addresses of the friends who you would like to share the website with and they will then be able to share in your joy.

Specific Sites

On the StumbleUpon toolbar you will notice that there is a green double arrow. When you click on this arrow you will be able to choose form the options and select a specific website that you would like to stumble through. If, for example, you select Blogger, every time you click on the Stumble button you will only be sent to random Blogger pages. This makes it easier for you to scour websites that you have a particular interest in. if however you would prefer to continue getting random websites when you stumble you should make sure that the ‘Earth’ option is always selected. This means that you will be able to continue viewing entirely random websites on the topics that you have specified.


On StumbleUpon you will be able to add friends and then view which websites they have liked in the past. This may give you some ideas about what sites you may want to try visiting in the future. The easiest way to add friends to your account is to go to the StumbleUpon website and allow the website to have temporary access to your email accounts. This will allow them to find friends that you already have that are also using StumbleUpon. You will then be able to add these people to your account. To view what things that have stumbled on n the past you need to click on the icon the toolbar that has two people in it.

This should be enough to get you started with using StumbleUpon. It only takes a very short time to get the hang of the system and to use it to its fullest potential. Once you have become familiar with all the toolbars icons and so on, start recommending the site to other people. If you know what you’re doing then you will be able to get them started as well. And so the StumbleUpon community will grow.