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Street Easy – Brilliant Real Estate Web Site for New York City

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Real Estate web sites were always going to be a very popular way people in the property industry to use the internet, as in realtors and property developers with their natural penchant for sales and marketing; they were never going to pass up the opportunity to use the new media richness of the web to promote and market properties to the public. And as the internet has developed and matured its technology base, and with the advent of web 2.0 functionality where user input can and does add great value for other users to benefit from, the potential uses for real estate companies to harness the power of the internet seems endless. And because real estate is such a massive dollar business, and so critical to everyoneís lives and well being, it stands to reason that many business professionals in the industry were always going to invest what it takes in the web platform purposefully design to service the real estate industry. And one such web site business is the Street Easy online real estate business for the New York area.

Exactly the Right Search Function You Want to Find the Best Bargains

Street Easy is a busy web site in the sense of how much information is on display at any one glance, and yet New Yorkers expect to have immediate access to any and everything they could want from just the click of one or two buttons. And despite the Street Easy web site being busy with large amounts of information on every page, it is in fact not cluttered and is easy used from the menu system. For example, if you are looking to rent a property in New York, and you do have the five boroughs to choose from with the Street Easy web site, simply click the ìRentalî menu item and enter your search criteria into the boxes provided and you are in business. And without getting too complicated, the Street Easy site allows you to search based on number of bedrooms, price range, and location or building name as well as who has listed; the owner with no fees or a broker with or without fees. From the search results, you will find the results that match your criteria, including how many properties are available in each building shown in the search results as well has how many past listings for each building there are in the database for you to review so as to get an idea of recent market activity and the fairness of current asking prices.

Multiple Pictures Per Property, Excellent Details of Each Listing

One very useful function of the Street Easy web site is the Open House Planner, which after you have created your free account, it is very easy to access from the main menu. The Open House Planner looks like any other calendar system you have ever seen, but it is very smart. It has a search function for either rental homes or for homes for sale that will list the results for all homes that will have their homes open for inspection at some later time. Just select in the planner which day it suits you to go house hunting, and then with this search tool, do your search as you would normally do by selecting your bedroom number, area or street location and the price range you are seeking. From the search results you will not that every one of them listed has a link to cause it to be entered into your house open planner calendar. And so as you review the search results, by the simple one click of a button you are able to add any listing to your open house planner for the day you have nominated. And by this means you will be sure to arrive on the right day and at the right time to view and inspect the homes that interest you without a lot of messing about.

Home Open Planning and Broker Searches Included

The ìShop for a Brokerî menu tab is to be treated carefully given that there are many issues to consider when choosing a broker. They have a long track record history of being sharks and only the reckless would place significant trust in any broker. Caveat Emptor is the rule to apply; ìlet the buyer bewareî. However, with that said, the tool will give you a list of those brokers in the area you are interested in as a starting point for you to work through and consider. In most respects, it is the property that should concern you most of all, and not what your preferred broker has available to sell. Brokers are always able to share the commission on a property with the broker who holds the listing, and so it would be very unwise to only consider what your broker has available and prudent people looking for the best deals always look at the greater market place first, and then broker selection as a secondary issue. And so the main things for you to consider are the items listed in the property search page; namely location, number of bedrooms and price range. From there you can refine your searches further with the Open Home Planner tool.

Every City Should Have a Site Like Street Easy

The only disappointing thing about the Street Easy web site is that it is only for the New York City area; meaning that such a highly functional web site would be of tremendous value to all of Americaís cities because of the great functionality and versatility found on this site. Of course tracking what you have seen and learned about is very straightforward; after you have opened your account you can see again and review what you have saved under your account idea by way of homes you have inspected, searches you have done, and the research of history that you have completed. You will be hard pressed to improve on the Street Easy web site when searching for your real estate bargains.