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Storenvy: A place in which buyers and sellers can interact.

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For those aspiring brand makers out there who want to showcase their products and be the talk of the town, consider using Storenvy. The website offers a free and custom-made online store that will only take a few minutes to launch. Word will quickly spread about your merchandise and sooner or later, you will have to attend to a number oforders and clients. As for those venturesome individuals who are interested in purchasing awesome stuff, Storenvy offers various and unique shop items that can only be found there.

Unlike other online shops, Storenvy, as mentioned on their site, can be considered as a home. To add to that, it functions so much more than just shopping because it will provide a whole new experience to its users. It links people together and permits them to stumble upon innovative merchandises.

With the use of any internet browser, copy and paste the succeeding text in your uniform resource locator (URL) or web address: Once you access the site, you can either sign up or open up your own store for free–two buttons that are not hard to miss.

If you decide to choose the colored button, which says “Sign Up,” these are the instructions: First, to be able to access the website of Storenvy, an imperative element would be filling out the username. When your chosen identification is typed in and the box does not have a red outline, it means that your username is valid. Moving on to the next category, enter your working e-mail address, which will prove to be important for the confirmation process. As for the password of your account, enter at least six (6) characters and avoid the regular birth dates to ensure your security and lower the risk of being hacked. Your first name and last name are prerequisite fields, and for this reason, should not be left blank. Lastly, if you are not comfortable of selecting male or female for your gender, you may opt to choose “Not Telling.” Part of registering would be agreeing to Storenvy’s terms of use and privacy policy. Pick the button, which says “Join Now,” and activate your account through your e-mail address. Also, anyone with a Facebook account may create a Storenvy account.

In the event that you wish to have your own store, simply put a check mark below thelast element you answered (gender). Be sure to come up with a store name and store subdomain, and also provide your postal code and PayPal e-mail address. After filling in the needed information, click “Join Now” and activate your account.

If you want to customize your store, hover your cursor on the logo beside the text, “My Envies,” and click “Settings.” Upload a store logo that will surely capture the essence of your brand. Indicate the places wherein you are willing to ship your item, too. Under the portion named “About,” write essential particulars and descriptions of your shop that customers should be aware of. Move to the green tab and look for “Products.” Add new products and fill in your product’s name, price, and category. Offer a reasonable shipping fee to attract customers and increase your profit. See to it that your products are managed properly because it adds an aesthetic touch.

Storenvy is uncomplicated to use and you will be enjoying the site before you know it! Upon signing in, the page will give you a chance to select groups that may be of interest to you. Like social networking sites, you may choose to follow people with an excellent fashion taste and good products put up for sale.And opposite to Facebook’s “like,” envying something will allow other users to know the items that caught your attention and be envied of it as well.A feature of the online shop is its search bar–type in the products, stores, collections, and people you are looking for and it will flash immediately. Next to the search bar are the following buttons: Trending, My Feed, My Envies, and Open a Store.

If you are on the page of the item you want to purchase, at the right side of the site, choose an option (size, color, etc.) and select “Add To Cart.” But before doing so,consider the uploaded pictures, item description, and comments of other people if there are any.

A likeable feature of Storenvy is its ability to show the number of items in your cart, without positioning your cursor on it. To view the contentsof your cart, in full detail, click the cart located at the top and rightmost portion of the website. The page will show the seller’s username, unit price of the item, selected option, and quantity. It also provides a breakdown of the item’s total computation. Aside from the subtotal of the item, it will also consider other fees such as tax, shipping (based on your chosen country), and discounts. To avail oneself of reductions in the billing, take hold of a valid discount code and press enter. Click “Checkout,” a blue button, which can be found below the text indicating your total amount due, to proceed to the next step.

After thechecking out the cart, the second process would be entering the shipping address. Give your complete street address, post office (PO) box, company name, and c/o person who resides there. An address line 2 can also be answered and it needs the following information: Apartment, suite, unit, building, floor, and alike. Supply the country and its city, together with a postal code. Even though it is optional, it is preferred to give out your contact information. Click another blue button, which says, “Continue Checkout” to place an order.

The last step will once again flash the items in your cart and shipping address.Review the items you will be paying and double check the shipping information. If you notice any errors on the page, feel free to edit it. When you are ready, pay through PayPal.