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Stop spending countless hours working on routine business maintenance, manually entering information, recording quantities and inventory, organizing records and spreadsheets, tracking down invoices, searching for contacts, and worrying about finding important files. With StitchLabs, you will gain access to the best features and get the help that your need to manage your inventory with ease. Expand your reach in your target audience, attract more customers, generate more sales, and keep things simple. Control your business every step of the way from ordering to to inventory, payments, to delivery, all in one single easy to use system.

What is

With, you are able to coordinate your sales and orders in an easy to use system that generates reports in real time. With this unique setup, your team can track salves and inventory, records how much money is coming in and going out, and organize shipments, all without the hassle of the typical back-and-forth. StitchLab enables you to sync the POS, inventory records, and shopping cart all in one. When you have a variety of channels, you are given the freedom and option to customize your products and he way that they sync to each one of your channels.

Integrating Stitch into your business means having access to our powerful reporting. You’ll be able to quickly assess how each channel and product is performing. We compare all channels in one location, empowering you to make the most intelligent decisions for your sales strategy. When you have multiple channels that you are selling through, it can be a great challenge to add more products and keep everything updated with products, descriptions, photos, and information. With StitchLabs, you can add all details, information, and content in the easy to use app and push that information to all of your sales channels and sites. Keeping customers informed and your website updated has never been easier!

Getting Signed up And Getting Started

Signing up for is super simple and easy. Enter your name, email, business name and if you have a discount promo code you can enter it in at this time. Filling out this information gets you registered with the site and gives you access to the 14-day unlimited access trial. When you sign up you are also accepting the terms and service, terms of use, and privacy agreement- so make sure you read and agree to the terms before creating your account. After this, you will be directed to a screen where you will create an account screen name, password, and give some general information about you and your business. This information will be used to help customize your experience on the site.

What You Can Expect From StichLabs

StichLabs offers a one of a kind platform for web building, sales, marketing, and management. When you sign up and use the application, you will get many amazing features including:

  • Centralized Inventory Tracking- Sync marketplaces, inventory, POS systems, and shopping carts all in one easy to navigate system that allows you to integrate various sales channels and make inventory management easier than ever.
  • Wholesale Management- Managing numerous contacts, orders and shipping details with StitchLab to make it easier than ever to get your products where they need to be quickly and easily.
  • Shipment Tracking- Keep track of what is being sold when and where and what is being shipped and what is on back order; it is super easy with the one of a kind system that is at your disposal.
  • Historical Order Imports- Gather the most complete sales data possible about what is being sold by importing your historical orders with the unique StitchLab platform.
  • Sales Trending and Forecasting- Get more information about your products beyond what products are selling and through what channels, monitor statistics such as size, color, material, cost, quantity, or shipping method.
  • Online Purchase Orders- Generate precise and reliable purchase orders in no time at all with StitchLab and keep track of your costs and purchase history as they pertain to each individual supplier.
  • Know Your Costs –Keep tabs on your overhead, bottom line, profits, losses, and other financial information as it pertains to your inventory, operations and management so you can better understand the impact your decisions have on purchases and sales.
  • Quickly Update Inventory – As soon as you get shipments from your suppliers or warehouses, make sure you get your records updated with a single click and make sure your customers know you have stock available.
  • Build Better Relationships- Foster better relationships with customers, retailers, shippers, and employees by keeping everyone connected and staying in touch with an easy to use communications system that is unique to the SwitchLabs platform.
  • Multiple Logins- Give your team members access that is related to their level of involvement with SwitchLabs’ multiple level log in access- make sure each member of your team has the tools and access they need to get their job done effectively.
  • Global Access- Let your team work wherever they are whenever they need to- across the street or across the glove, let your team access your platform through SwitchLabs on their computers or mobile devices.
  • Friendly Online Support- Whenever you run into problems, technical difficulties, or have questions or concerns, the friendly staff at SwitchLabs is ready to help you through it all and answer your questions and help you troubleshoot and solve your problems.

StitchLabs’ inclusive reports and data systems empower members to make better business decisions. With dozens of valuable reports full of great information, you will always know where you stand in terms of sales, inventory, profits, and outlook. It’s like having your own research team at your beck and call- all from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. When you are free to manage your business and are not bogged down with the back site work, you’re able to invest time and focus all of your attention on growing your site and business. Keep your customers coming back and keep your business growing by leaps and bounds with StitchLabs!