Last Updated: February 2, 2013 3

Stealth Surveillance for Family Members

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Parents and spouses concerned about what their loved ones are doing on the web can now find out the truth with the new application that secretly keeps track of user’ online activities, giving the user no reasons to suspect that he is being monitored.

Despite all the benefits brought to us by the Internet, an average household has been challenged with additional threats and pain. Children taught to never talk to a stranger on the street can carelessly tell their entire life story to the first who comes along online, sometimes adding their provocative photos to that. Spouses who would never have the courage to cheat on their partners in real life exchange love messages with other members over e-mail and instant messengers. Although it would be difficult and time consuming to monitor one’s online activities physically, the new keylogger application  can do just that without giving the user reasons to suspect that he is being watched over.

Refog Keylogger is computer activity surveillance software designed for the home use. The application continuously records keystrokes, captures snapshots, maintains the list of applications run and websites visited over a certain time span, and files all that data into comprehensive reports. The reports provide the clear picture of what different family members have been up while using the computer.

The application’s other benefit is that it starts automatically and runs continuously in the stealth mode, remaining undetected by the users. If a child or spouse does discover the presence of the software, the Master Password protection feature can prevent them from uninstalling the application, erasing the files recorded or modifying the settings. The software is easy and intuitive to operate, requires no maintenance, and updates automatically. Once it is installed on a computer, nothing more is to be done about it.