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The dating is easy for some and desperately difficult for others. Whilst traditionally people have met their future long term mate by being introduced by a friend, a connection made at work or school, or by a family member there is also the drunken bar scene where most people in the community do feel very uncomfortable or disinterested in playing it. And with the Internet we have had many thousands of web sites devoted purely to dating services and each of these tends to have a niche interest or geographic area basis for people joining and connecting with others. It is a little known fact that only about fifty per cent of men have any interest in making the first move towards the woman. And that fifty per cent of women want to be this first person to make a move on a man and are likely to resent the man doing it. Bars and clubs are very noisy and not at all conducive to talking, and alcohol always gets in the road of anything that could become a meaningful relationship. These issues gave rise to the prominence and power of internet dating sites. But still there was a major gap in the market of helping people to reach out and connect with each other.

You Need Only Very BAsic Details to Use Speed Date

This is where Speed Date found its place in the dating game. Traditional dating web sites require the members to complete potentially a very long questionnaire, or at least to build a profile of who they are and what they like, as well as who they are looking for. Speed Date on the other hand seeks only a very small amount of information; namely their sex, age, the sex and age of their desired partner and their zip code. After members log in, they scan the list of people online who meet their criteria, and then click to video chat with those potential mates who interest them. At the end of three minutes, the video chat ends and then both people rate if they would like to chat further with this person or not; and if so they are then free to chat further with this person through the functions of the Speed Date web site. It all happens very fast and involves no hard feelings and no obligations. Indeed it is all based on the reality that on normal traditional dates, almost always people decide in the first few minutes if they have any interest in the other person or not; and many people dread all the time committed to a formal dinner or drinks date just to find out within minutes that they donít want to be there.

Meet Fifteen People Near Your Zip Code Per Hour

Originally developed at Stanford University business class, the online version of the traditional concept of speed dating was developed and coded into an application for members to use. Since 2007, it has now hosted more than sixty million speed dates, though there are no statistics on how many of these dates have resulted in meaningful relationships, versus those who just had a fun time with it, versus those who used it for casual dating fun times. The main draw cards to the service is that it is fun, and that there is no lengthy sign up and profiling processes. Each date is only for three minutes, and then each person moves on to the next date; everyone meeting fifteen people per hour. The role of Speed Date is to be the invisible wall in between the parties so that both sides cannot contact the other unless both people agree to it privately after the date has ended. In other words, within one hour, each person saves the cost of a few hundred hours of meeting fifteen people face to face, and they save the cost and awkward moments at the end of those fifteen dates. After the date is concluded, you get to discretely say yes or no to further contact with the person.

Competitors Belittle the Speed Date Service

Competitors from the traditional dating site business model of course have nothing nice to say about Speed Date, as they defend their own business structure. But the reality is that each of these very large dating sites with captive audiences already could easily market a speed dating function to their own clients. Organizations like eHarmony which has a massive and exhausting signup process with hundreds of multiple choice questions to be answered to open your account so that their back end engine can match your profile to ìcompatibleî potential partners could easily bolt on a speed date service and launch it to its seventeen million users, perhaps for a premium price paid. Even a one per cent take up rate would see a very large sideline business, as well as provide their membership with a novel way to spend an hour enjoying the siteís benefits. What is interesting about the Speed Date concept is that a large number of people who participate actually have no interest in dating anyone. They simply enjoy using the service to have fun spending an hour meeting different people in a novel way.

Speed Date Can be Used just for a Fun Way to Spend an Hour

Using the site is very easy to do. It is no more difficult than entering your basic details; even your name and identity are kept secret before you and others agree to continue with chatting. All you need is your smart phone or iPhone or a web cam to get involved. With the success of the venture thus far, we can expect the originally free services to attract a premium service; especially true now that the venture capitalists have now contributed six million dollars to the businesses development. The bottom line is that there is no one size or type of dating web site fits all demographics and that millions of people are very interested in the Speed Date business model.