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SparkPeople – Free Diet Plans

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America is the land of the grossly obese and by any metric the general population is dying at ever younger ages because of this morbid level of obesity, the early onset of diabetes, cancers and heart and disease caused by the chemicals, hormones, preservatives, pesticides, food colorings and other poisons put into everything we eat by the big business food processing companies that have no real science to support any level of safety for what they are doing to us; and yet they are the ones with the big budget lobbyists to create ever more layers of laws that most people cannot read or understand, let alone defend themselves from. But it is not all the fault of big business; most Americans are busy killing themselves early with their diets and lack of exercise. Long gone are the days of people walking from the east coast of the United States to find their dream some far away land in the west or mid-west. Long gone is even just walking down the supermarket for more helpings of fat and sugar enriched processed foods to stuff our faces with. And as such, long and downward is the spiral into an early grave because of the choices we have made and continue to make.

Online Dieting and Exercising Healthy Living Community

Spark People is an interesting and very popular web site community that is doing its part to make a difference. As a web site portal dedicated to life style choices embracing our dietary needs and exercise regimes, it is now a community of more than twenty five million registered users and growing strongly; about eight per cent of Americans is a great effort aimed at stemming the premature death from preventable diseases. And the web site is very extensive and highly functional for both the novice and the highly experienced person. Healthy living and appropriate body weights versus exercise regimes and so forth all come down to people making the changes in their daily routines that will be followed without even thinking about them. For example, if walking for an hour each day is what is needed by your plan to lose a set amount of weight over the next six weeks, then that walk must happen every day; rain, hail or sun shine. And often that comes down to getting involved in a community of like minded people who will understand what you are doing as well as be interested in it. And this does not need to be direct friends or family; Spark People provides the mechanism for this all to be achieved online.

25 Million Members at Spark People Cannot be Wrong

And another big part of how Spark People provides an excellent service to its members ñ all free of charge ñ is that it has a large array of trackers used to monitor your progress, to set your goals and to cause you to regularly measure your progress and to stick with your agreed on program. Each one of these trackers is accessible from main menu and begins with simple to complete multiple choice questionnaires. And many of the pages also have the benefit of a pop up window offering a short video of how to use that page. So the web site is entirely context driven; with the video pop ups being directly related to where you are in the web site. An example of how to use your trackers, from the drop down menu you can select any of them. But for this example, using the ìFitnessî tracker you are asked to enter into the respective fields what your activity will be, and for how many days each week, how many minutes each time, and hoe many calories you expect to burn up each week. When these questions are answered, the settings are changed, and every day as you progress through your exercise routines, it tracks your progress and monitors that you are on track. At later times you are able to run reports of your history; and it becomes a matter of personal pride and a sense of achievement for you to stick with your plans. Even if you later tone them down about to be more realistic, your every day because a new habit forming dedication to the lifestyle changes you have chosen to embrace. Your life really does depend on it.

Goals, Progress, Monitoring Systems all Part of Spark People

And by getting involved in the community, our commitment to a healthy change to our life is reinforced by other like minded people who have also embraced change and healthy life instead of a painful and early death. With such a massive membership, almost all of whom are American, we are all able to reach to and make friends with other like minded people. There are literally millions of posts made by others on every subject that you can think about. Whatever subject you search on, almost certainly you will find someone who knows something about it; almost certainly you will not be alone as you plan and act on your way to a healthier way to live and get involved in life. There are no excuses. The Spark People web site is logical and intuitive. The questionnaires are all very straight forward and completely private and confidential. You join the site and use the functionality as you see fit and you progressively get more involved as and when you feel most comfortable doing so. And it is entirely up to you whether or not you involve your friends and family with Spark People. Some say more the merrier; some prefer a more private approach to their dieting and exercising needs. All of that is entirely up to you. The Spark People is a business operating for profit; yet there is nothing on their site that is pushing or nagging you to buy stuff or to pay for monthly subscriptions, which goes a long way towards explaining why they have such a massive membership.