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All About SpareFoot Storage

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SpareFoot is the world’s largest, simplest and best marketplace for self-storage. We also provide leading web marketing solutions for storage operators. Our company is a fun and cool start-up headquartered in Austin, TX. SpareFoot was founded in 2008 and originated as a person-to-person storage website. The goal is to help customers and members rent extra space for storage in private residences. From there it has grown into the leading website source that it is today.

SpareFoot Marketplace

Shopping for storage in traditional storage facilities and using traditional means is a major headache— you can spend countless hours calling facilities, visiting sites, chasing rabbit trails, and battling through out of date websites. SpareFoot solves this common and unfortunate problem by organizing everything into one simple marketplace that is easily to navigate and access online. Find and compare storage facilities in your neighborhood and find the perfect storage area that fits your needs. SpareFoot continues to improve services, expand their market, and gather more customers. Currently they boasts the largest selection of storage units with real-time pricing and availability on the web.

Singing Up With SpareFoot

Sparefoot is a unique site in that there is no registration or sign up required to search and find available storage areas. You can search and find all you want with no registration needed. If you want to list your facility on the site so others can find you and know about the space you have available, then there is a simple sign up process involved. You will be asked basic information and will need to create a user name password and email account. You will also be asked questions about the facility so those searching the site can know what you have to offer. It is super simple and easy to get started with SpareFoot Storage!

SpareFoot Blog and Tips

SpareFoot does more than offer great search options to help you find the best storage facility in your area, they also have very informational and helpful blogs that can help you with every step of the moving and storage process. Some of the most popular blogs and discussions on the site have to do with the top steps to help ensure that moving day runs as smoothly as possible. Here are some of the tips that customers and visitors have found the most helpful:

  • Make it a kid and pet free day when you start loading things up and also when you unload them into your new home. These are not the time you want kids and pets running underfoot. Make arrangements to have friends or relative tend to the kid and pets those days. A little preparation beforehand can make it easier on you to get the work done, will keep the kids and pets happier, and will help keep nerves from getting too frazzled.
  • Start packing as far in advance as possible and save the essentials for last. Start packing away all dishes except one set for each family member, and pack away as many of the clothes and bedding as possible. Large furniture pieces can be packed up ahead of time too. The more you can get done ahead of time the easier things will be as moving day gets closer.
  • SpareFoot also recommends that all customers not keep valuables in storage units unless they are completely comfortable and at ease with the security. Whether you are moving or moving some things into a storage unit make sure your valuables are secured. Keep everything in a locked safe and make sure you keep tabs on the storage facility to ensure the safety of your valuables.
  • If you are working with movers who are helping you get settled into a new home or helping you get things packed away in a storage unit, make sure you give them everything they need to do a good job. Give your movers your new home floor plan whenever possible so they can know what to expect and can plan around things like stair cases, railings, tight corners, and counters. If you are moving into a storage unit then let the movers know the size and space they have available so they can figure the best way to pack the unit to get as much in as possible while still keeping everything safe, SpareFoot offers many great resources for finding movers and how to work with them.
  • Have your home inventory checklist ready that includes everything that’s leaving the house and being moved into the new house or the storage unit. Keep a copy for yourself and give one to your movers so everyone can work together to keep tabs on boxes and make sure nothing gets lost. If possible, make sure the list also indicates which box each item is in and have the boxes labeled clearly so unpacking and organizing is easier.
  • Remember to stock up on the snacks and easy foods. The first few weeks of living in a new home can be very stressful and busy so you will likely not feel like cooking meals. Have easy snacks on hand and quick meals like sandwich fixings to make things less stressful until you and the family settle into a routine.
  • These are just some of the tips and pointers you can find on SpareFoot and there are many other wonderful tips and pointers from people who have been there done that and who can help you have the best experience possible with your move.

SpareFoot solves an all too common and unfortunate problem of finding a trusted and reliable storage facility, by offering one simple marketplace that is easily to navigate and access online. Find and compare storage facilities in your neighborhood and find the perfect storage area that fits your needs. Stop wasting time and money and find storage that fits your needs and your schedule. Whether you need long term storage facility space or a short term area to hold things in preparation for a big move, SpareFoot has what you are looking for and can help!