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America has an appalling education system and this is reflected in the ranking of American students when compared with all other countries to find itself at the lowly level of only thirty seventh in the world. And the American education system is appalling for a large number of reasons, not the least being the quality of the teaching staff who also came out of the same dreadful education system therefore perpetuating the continuing decline of standards. Throw into the mix the disparate economic backgrounds of the students and the inequality of uniform access to teaching resources, kids from rich parents have the best run at great grades and gainful employment, and kids from poor communities in all likelihood struggle to know how to turn on a computer. And as usual, government continues to prove itself incapable of making a difference with the collapse of education standards in America and the massive expenditure is for all intent and purposes a black hole of wasted money. Only the Internet can possibly save the day with our academic futures and we are definitely starting to see some moves in this direction from the private sector.

Sophia Org Gets the Best Lecturer, Video and Edits Their Presentation For Online Use

One such organization known as Sophia Org is definitely moving in the right direction with its online teaching resource. Whilst it has plenty of scope to broaden its range of subjects taught to eventually include the entire spectrum of what can be taught and is current taught in the classroom, Sophia Org has already digested a big bite with its current curriculum choices. From languages which already include all of the major languages spoken including Chinese, Spanish, Japanese; all of which are essential for the future business community and International trade; there is extra in depth coverage of the English language to embrace so as to fully develop peopleís creative writing talents. Then there are the sciences, mathematics, the fine arts, sociology which is a very broad area ranging from geography and economics through to anthropology and psychology; then there are the humanities and perhaps the largest area of all; applied sciences. To show just how large the existing curriculum is, for each main category of student opportunities, under it there can be a further ten to thirty main subject majors. And under each of these major areas, there are a large number of teaching resources available.

Sophia Org is Like Khan Academy Org but with More Materials

As with Khan Academy Org, Sophia Org makes tremendous use of video teaching materials and so students and not at all relegated to just reading lectures which of course would only favor those students with advanced reading skills. The main thrust and concept of Sophia Org is about taking the best of the best lecturers who not only know their area of expertise at a peak level, but also know how to present that information in a captivating way so that students absorb the materials as best as possible. And by making the materials presented mostly in video form stored online, students can replay any video as many times as they feel necessary to fully grasp its content and to later review any subject they feel a need to refresh themselves on. This all goes towards the imperative of all students being exposed to a consistent and high quality presentation of course materials such that no one is likely to fall asleep during the video presentation simply because the material has been so professionally produced.

Sophia Org Offers Standardised Highly Quality Teaching Materials

Getting the best presenters as lecturers, and producing the best presentation from them edited to communicate the materials at the highest standards possible and then allowing (hopefully over time) all students nationally if not globally to overcome the problem of the poor skill level of existing teaching faculty. Engaged students donít fall asleep, and nor do they get disadvantaged by being unlucky enough to get assigned to the worst of teaching staff; which is most especially a problem at the least funded and least desirable schools. Only by this system of unified high quality training video materials can we ever hope to break the downward spiral of our educational system. And it all has the added impact that the teaching staff are then freed up to move around the classroom to give personalized and more intimate counseling and instruction to those students who actually do need it from time to time. Teachers sitting at the front of the classroom and treating all students as if they were one and the same, progressing at the same rate will become a thing of the past and begin to end the nonsense of this thing we currently call ìeducationî.

Students Can Replay Sophia Org’s materials Whenever they Need to

And there are further benefits in that not only can students replay as many times as they wish those materials then feel weak in; they also are free to do so at those times they have the energy and mood for it. Forcing all students to be ready on a set time frame of ìclass is in session, all pay attentioní is a foolish delusion of the current system of educators. It is essential that students not only study what they have the aptitude and interest in, but that they be able to study when they have the energy and interest to study. Getting the best of what educators have to offer, recorded and distributed by the Internet should already have a multi billion dollar commitment from government because of its massively rational way to bring the education system up to the standard it should be at. Unfortunately it is a said indictment on American big business that they envisage making more money by having most of their resources committed to classrooms even if the final outcome is under educated people who can barely spell or do arithmetic. But times are changing, as slow as that progress is thus far. Surely over the next twenty years we will finally see a profound shift on where the education dollar gets spent.