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Justin Cooper, Lucas Tirigall-Caste, and Justin Wills are founders of Society6–an online shop, which grants artists the opportunity to showcase their talents to other individuals by putting it up for sale. Various artworks usually take form as the very much in demand smartphone cases, fashionable tee shirts, trendy tank tops, and so much more.

The just-in-time inventory, a common method in manufacturing businesses, signifies that things, as the term implies, are bought just in time to make the production so as to avoid unnecessary warehousing and utility costs. Society6 guarantees that all of their items are produced upon acceptance of requests and it also follows the method made mention on the previous sentence.Part of maintaining their professional sustainability is by making use of raw materials and developments, which are of very good quality. When a buyer’s order is finished, it is packed up and shipped right away.

The following are the offered products of Society6: Art prints; framed art prints; stretched canvases; t-shirts and tank tops sized for women, men, unisex, and as well as kids; hoodies; baby onesies; throw pillows;tote bags; mobile device cases; tablet hard cases; portable computer and smartphone skins; stationery cards; mugs; wall clocks; shower curtains; and area and throw rugs.

As luck would have it, starting online retailing is quick, safe, and completely free. By creating an account on Society6, you will be able to enjoy the many features that the site is offering. At the topmost portion of the online shop’s page, with a website address of “,” click on the button which says, “Join.”It will immediately take you to another page that would send you a vibe that it is a Sign-Up sheet, containing the all caps text, “Join the movement.” The display name you want should be at least 4 characters long and should be available. Once you have entered a valid username, the next field is your personal profile URL. Whatever name you have typed in on the previous element will be copied in your very own URL. Nonetheless, you still have the chance to change it for the reason that it is merely an option. The purpose of providing your e-mail address is for sign-in or in the event that you require some sort of assistance from Society6. With at least 6 characters as a password, it will merit you one step closer to account completion. Verification codes became part of the necessary steps in creating an account since there were cases wherein spammers programmed robots to send unsolicited messages. Society6 uses the code as a precautionary measure, thus, protecting them and users as well. If the code is not clear, either get two new words or listen to the current texts. Confirm that you have already reached the age of eighteen (18) and accepted the terms of service by moving your cursor to the “SIGN UP” button marked as black. You cannot proceed to the next step if you do not match the two (2) words in the verification process.

The buyer can start exploring the site by choosing a product. For example, under “Cases & Skins,” the user is given these options: Phone Cases, tablet cases, phone skins, tablet skins, and laptop skins. After narrowing down the selection, Society6 can sort it by popularity, category, model, and even its color. The moment that the purchaser is sure about the item, s/he must simply choose the available model and add to cart.

Having difficulties in selecting a gift? Not sure if it is the right shoe size? Society6 offers gift cards ranging from amounts twenty-five (25), fifty (50), seventy-five (75), and one hundred (100) dollars. Enter the recipient’s e-mail address and name, and comply with the five hundred (500) character limit for the gift message. Add to cart and you just saved yourself the trouble of picking a present.

Here comes the essential part in completing the purchase: Filling out the shipping information. Provide complete and accurate facts such as the address, country, and a phone number to avoid complications.The cart will list down the items about to be purchased. To see the product, click on the hyperlink embedded in the item title and image. To change the unit quantity, edit and click on the text “Update” below the white quantity-bearingbox. It will now flash the total amount of the item. To cancel, click the red cross mark. If the items and total are correctly stated in the buyer’s cart, checking out will not be difficult.

As for the billing information, Society6 accepts credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network, and American Express. Hand over your credit card number, its expiration date, and card verification code (CVC). CVC, consisting of three (3) to four (4) digit numbers, is needed to confirm that an authentic card will be used in the arrangement. After filling out the fields for your first name and last name, together with the billing address, also give your city, state, zip/postal code, and country. If the necessary elements are complete, choose the golden yellow button, which prompts you to place the order.

Another way to settle the bill is through the use of a PayPal account. If the user does not have an existing account, create one within minutes. After a country has been designated, decide on the tabs “Debit or Credit Card,” “Prepaid Gift Card,” and “Bill Me Later Special Offer.” In this case, the consumer chose the first tab. Begin by specifying your card number and payment type. A payment type has been successfully selected if one image is given emphasis while other images have a faded look. Expiration date and CSC is also required in the form. When names (first and last) have been provided, also give an address line, city or state, ZIP code, and phone number. Type your e-mail address and choose a PayPal password that strictly requires at least eight (8) characters. Re-enter the password and put a check mark to indicate that you have read and agreed to the specifications of the site. Tap on “Agree and Create Account” and confirm your e-mail.