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Distribute Your Content Effectively on The Social Web Using SocialFlow

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Some people refer to the social media as a beast that can hardly be tamed and they may well be right about the difficulty in taming it. It is quite obvious that the social web is growing at a rate that is probably far beyond what the pioneers ever imagined and everyone is trying to make use of it in various ways; platform for profit, engagement, research, etc. The fact is, the social media is capable of being used for a variety of purposes hence its increasing adoption by individuals, brands, enterprises and organizations of various kinds.

Being on the social web is just a starting point of a social strategy and one of the most important parts is providing the right content to the target audience. Content is a linchpin in the overall online strategy of any organization, enterprise or brand. So, for any social media strategy to be effective, there has to be a content strategy that accompanies it as well. However, this is one area in which many organizations, enterprises and brand fail because the typical view is to pump content out and either hope it gets noticed or assume that the target audience are waiting just to lap it up. Of course, these are very wrong assumptions and have been detrimental to the efficacy of a lot of social media campaigns. The key to doing it right is having the right tools via a platform that has developed appropriate cutting edge technologies and keen methodologies to cut through clutter and deliver content to the right audience when they need it, at the right place, right time and in the right format.

SocialFlow has emerged as a leading platform that delivers the best tools which enable marketers, agencies and publishers to distribute their content to social networks in a more effective, efficient and engaging way. SocialFlow leverages data-driven proprietary software in combination with business rules in empowering users to achieve far more with their social media campaigns and optimize results from their social media properties. The regular social media content distribution platforms typically enable users to simply drip-feed or schedule content without any data-input to determine optimal timing and best reception by target audience. This approach is avoided on the SocialFlow platform since it does not include any actionable data that helps to optimize results. Realizing that it is critical to discern the activity levels of the target audience what they are engaging with on the social web at relevant points in time, SocialFlow provides actionable data on these parameters to users.

Reach and Engagement are recognized today as two very critical measurements of the effectiveness of a content publishing strategy. While these are not easy to achieve, SocialFlow is able enable organizations, enterprises and brands achieve both when publishing content to social networks. Using its Software-as-a-Service platform, SocialFlow is able to offer a diverse range of tools and capabilities to users in order to increase reach, raise click-through-rates and stimulate engagement all within a shortened timeframe. In addition to the foregoing, SocialFlow also enables customers to optimize results using the platform’s technology which works round the clock, picking up trending topics on the social networks and analyzing them for their benefit. The platform’s insistence on taking the data-driven approach is to ensure that customers are able conduct social media campaigns based on scientific information rather than rudimentary analysis. Instead of focusing on content development, SocialFlow encourages customers to maximize results by ensuring that distribution is effectively done. This is in order to gain high-quality attention and proper engagement with the right delivery at the right time to the target audience.

SocialFlow is recognized by the leading social media channels as a partner and as such has key access that enables the platform to achieve exponential results on behalf of its users. SocialFlow also list some of the top organizations, enterprises and brands among its clientele and these include PepsiCo, Daily Mail UK, Washington Post, New York Public Library, New York Post, Human Rights Watch and Fast Company. Its partnerships include the following:

  • Twitter: SocialFlow is currently one of only 12 ‘Certified Product Partners’ on Twitter in addition to being selected by the social media channels as an Ads API Partner. On behalf of its customers, SocialFlow is also granted access to technical and business support contacts.
  • Facebook: SocialFlow is accredited by Facebook as a Preferred Facebook Marketing Director (PMD) for Ads and Pages. In addition to being granted access to technical and business support contacts on behalf of customers, SocialFlow also has access to the social media channel’s Technical and Business account managers via its bi-weekly meeting with them.
  • LinkedIn: SocialFlow is accredited to carry out a range of activities on LinkedIn including content optimization, engagement moderation, monitoring of geo-tracking clicks, number of clicks, likes and comments. SocialFlow integrations include Omniture/Adobe Analytics, Coremetrics, Google Analytics as well as DFP/Double Click.
  • Google+: SocialFlow is a Google+ integrated partner. Activities which the platform is accredited to carry out on the social media channel include publishing, reporting on Google+ page clicks, shares, +1s, listening and moderation of comments.

Registering to Use SocialFlow

There is no signup process on SocialFlow as it is not a mass-oriented platform for use by anyone. However, there are two things an interested party can do in interacting with the platform and getting into its system:

  • Newsletter subscription: This is easily done by simply getting to the homepage at and clicking on the ‘Subscribe to Our Newsletter’ button around the top-right side of the page. This reveals a single field requiring your email address to be entered and thereafter complete by clicking the ‘Sign Me Up’ button directly below.
  • Request a Demo: This is quite simply done. Navigate to the homepage and click on the ‘Request a Demo’ button at the top-left side of the page and this opens another page which contains a form with six fields; First Name, Last Name, Company, Title, Email and Phone. Fill these and click the ‘Request a Demo’ button beneath the form.

Costs of Using SocialFlow

SocialFlow is not a hosted application for which customers pay on a regimented basis. Thus, there is no pricing structure or packages from which customers can simply choose off the shelf then proceed to checkout. Intending customers simply have to contact SocialFlow and negotiate with the company based on their requirement.