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Compare Anything and Share With Everyone Using SocialCompare

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In terms of purchasing, people have more choices today than they have ever had . This is due in large part to the knowledge which the average person now possesses about the availability of goods and services. It boils down to people knowing about alternatives and being able to assess the quality of those alternatives. The internet has played a major role in making it possible for most people to access information which has otherwise, been unavailable to them. Today, information proliferation and social media has made it possible for people to instantly give each other opinions about various issues, products and services. While there are quite a number of platforms that leverage the internet and growing social media population, each one typically focuses on a niche. SocialCompare changes that with its approach of enabling users to make comparisons in just about any domain of their choice.

Opinion sharing is common but direct comparisons is relatively uncommon and this is one aspect in which SocialCompare stands out. SocialCompare is actually an online comparison engine which operates using the crowdsourced model and allows users to find as well as create collaborative and innovative comparison tables. The tables are user-generated and easily shared on social media channels for propagation in addition to also being easy to embed in blogs and websites. Usage of SocialCompare is quite expansive as people engage others in diverse areas such as technology, ecology, finance, online services among many more.

SocialCompare also warns users however, that the data being user-generated is subject inaccuracies thus the platform is unable to authenticate the data. It is also very important to note that users are able to update data contained within comparison tables and this feature makes SocialCompare somewhat self-regulatory since individual users can correct any wrong data. According to the platform, the more people using the service, the higher the accuracy of the data as there will be more input and corrections.

Signing Up to Use SocialCompare

SocialCompare has provided a rather simple way of registering to use the platform. Its signup process is devoid of unnecessary hassles and hoops. All you are required to do is get to the homepage and click on the ‘Register’ button located at the top of the the page. You will also find the same button on every other page. Clicking on the button will take you to the signup page where you will be presented with a simple form containing five fields. The fields are as follows:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Nickname
  • Language
  • Word Verification (Type in displayed code)

There are also two boxes included in the form, one that is required as it indicates that you have read and accept the sites Terms of Use and Privacy Policy while the other is optional as it invites you to subscribe to SocialCompare’s mailing list. Once you have filled in the required details and ticked the box(es) accordingly, you may complete the process by clicking on the ‘Register’ button located just beneath the form.

The process described above applies to the regular SocialCompare service. There is a Pro version also available although both are in the Beta stage. In order to join the private beta list for the Pro version, navigate to the homepage at and locate the Professional Edition link at the bottom of the page (it is highlighted in dark orange color). Clicking on the link will open the Professional Edition page where you will find the invitation to join the private Beta list close to the top of the page. Simply enter your email address and click the ‘Join’ button. That is all it takes.

Costs of Using SocialCompare

SocialCompare has a regular version as well as a Pro version which comes with subscription plans. However, the entire platform is currently in Beta Phase therefore, it is free to use. SocialCompare indicates that its pricing plans include Pay-as-you-go subscription on a monthly basis but offers discounts for users who pick annual subscription plans. If you wish to get further details about the Professional Edition, you simply need to click on the ‘Contact’ link at the bottom of the Pro Edition page.

Features of SocialCompare

SocialCompare offers users lots of features and benefits for both its regular and Professional Edition. These are as follows:

Professional Edition

  • User-built Comparison Engine: SocialCompare enables users to build their own robust comparison engines and install swiftly without having to possess any technical skills. All the required tools are available for you to use on SocialCompare. Simply build and manage your tables and content by yourself.
  • Data Import: Users can easily import data from other sources in different formats including Text, CSV, HTML, XML).
  • Multilingual Comparison: Multilingual translation/comparison allows users to target an international audience and in addition, automatic units conversion also enables use by a global user-base.
  • Social Tools: SocialCompare makes it very easy for users to not only embed their comparison tables within blogs and websites, but also share widely on social networks.
  • Purchase Decision Tools: Users can use the tools provided to create comparison tables that function as decision making tools for their customers and clients. They create the table and send the link to their clients for viewing.

Regular Edition

  • Data Publication Under Open License: User Generated Data leverages the Creative Commons and GNU licenses for easy online propagation.
  • Data Reuse: In order to make data more collaborative and easier to maintain, existing items may be reentered into other data tables thus ensuring that it is maintained only once.
  • Comparison Tables Import: SocialCompare makes it very easy for users to import data from existing comparison tables. It has a copy/paste function enabled thus allowing simple copy and paste from a webpage or document formats including Openoffice, CSV, Excel and others. When data is imported into an existing table, the system automatically does a data merge to align both old and new data.