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SmartQ – Agile Project Management App

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As a clear play on words about the classic sitcom called Get Smart based around the comedy hero Maxwell Smart and his sexy side kick named Ninety Nine, both working their missions for “Control”, Getsmartq is all about project management using an enhanced visual set of tools to gain learner and more effective use of resources when managing projects. Most project management software is anchored around the concept of task lists, and they are not difficult to see then as basically a spreadsheet with a pretty interface laid over the top. Microsoft Project is a classic example of this, and it has not evolved very far at all over the last fifteen years. Getsmartq varies greatly from this and is like a computerized version of a whiteboard with board marker notes and sticky pad notes all over it. It is about being able to picture visually work flows more succinctly so that the leanest approach to project management can be taken.

Getsmartq is Far Superior to Desktop Project Management Tools

Designed for best effect by not being a desktop solution where someone works in isolation, and who then perhaps later emails someone their work for added contributions; Getsmartq is a web based cloud computing solution where permitted users log in simultaneously and collaborate or work alone at different times. It doesn’t matter, the point is that it is a team based tool designed for the new paradigm of globalization, multi tasked teams and collaboration. It is designed for many to store their notes for everyone relevant to a project. It is designed for people to work when they are productive in their time zones, not when the office clock says they should have punched in to start work. It is designed around useful management reports that measure performance. It caters for much more than just a workflow built from a task list.

Whereas Microsoft has been adequate for building base level functionality in its suite of applications, in fact it is the master of none. Organizations like Getsmartq take a basic level of utility, in this case project management, and they take it to the best of breed level. The most complex of projects spanning years, thousands of committed human resources each with individual responsibilities can work from the system creating “tickets” relevant to their assigned tasks. This means that the reporting and visual function of Getsmartq digs much deeper into a project than simple listing a task list with some notion of critical path analysis. Rather it gets down and dirty with the detail of each task, and it incorporates accountability of each user generated ticket or point of concern that needs to be addressed.

Microsoft Project Simply Cannot Match Getsmartq for Features

Projects start with what needs to be done. The project objective needs to have clarity in terms of starting point and the end game of completion. Getsmartq provides for a dynamic system of what needs to be done, what is currently being done and what has been completed. That is, “to do”, “doing”, and “done”. Over time all projects get stuck in the mire of problems not foreseen. But in fact that is not necessary. Most projects get stuck because of a top down management style that presumes the boss knows what he is doing, and that he alone has conceived of all potential problems. The reality is that it is those “at the coal face” who truly know the day to problems and issues that projects face. By enabling all levels of the workforce to engage with the project management plan, then the Executive enjoying the air conditioned comfort can truly be informed about the micro issues that hold projects up.

Humans are great at taking a large and complex matter and breaking it down into its constituent parts. And just as we now know it is true that the more we break what used to be thought of as the building blocks of the Universe known as atoms, they too are built from even smaller particles. Getsmartq allows projects to be broken down into far greater detail than just their atomic, task list level. It allows each task to be broken down into the bits and pieces and issues that comprise the task. Its note and comment storing capacity far exceeds that capacity of Microsoft project. And its search ability to find all relevant pieces of information about each task, and each ticket of each task is extraordinary.

Getsmartq is All About Simplicity, But with Deep Functionality

The system is designed for simplicity, with just a web browser needed to access it. All people these days feel comfortable with the familiar look and feel of browsers, and so training needs are greatly reduced. When compared to a new and foreign desktop application which does create fear in employees not familiar with it, there seems a greatly reduced level of anxiety when users are simply logging into a web site, and so staff do pick up how to do their part relatively quickly and easily.

Because staff need much less training to report in and contribute their respective part on ticket and task issues, management gets the benefit of more detailed and timely information coming from closer to the action than line managers who mostly guess their inputs.

The bottom line is that Getsmartq allows project managers to easily distribute work. It allows for the easy and timely tracking of its progress. And Getsmartq provides for the collaborative with team members because there is only one central repository stored in the cloud online. Getsmartq tracks tasks, it binds together all of the information about the issues, and tickets about specific actions needed and taken don’t get lost in the morass; Getsmartq is customizable to fit any workflow. As they say, no project is too big or too small to deal with.
Getsmartq comes with a thirty days free trial. It comes in two iterations or versions. The basic level is only five dollars per month per user. The professional version is only three dollars more.