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Found In: Deals offers an ultra modern means of saving money by sharing numerous discount deals online. Considered to be one of the largest deal-sharing platforms on the Internet, is where you could find the best deals on the web. It is basically a social commerce website which features crowdsourced deals and coupons from well-known retailers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Macy’s. Deal-savvy members find and share a wide variety of coupons and deals from a range of retailers and products. Members of the SlickDeals community discuss and give feedbacks and comments regarding the best deals, and SlickDeals’s own team of expert deal editors organizes the community’s votes and feedbacks to present the best-of-the-best deals in SlickDeals’ Frontpage Deals and Coupons. Slickdeals also offers advertising services to companies, businesses, and retailers. This an increasingly popular shopping social network and community-driven deal sharing site that will surely get you the best bang for your buck.

How do I sign up for a SlickDeals account?

Though you don’t necessarily need an account to access SlickDeal’s Frontpage Deals and Coupons, there are still a lot of things that you can’t do to fully take advantage of SlickDeals without one. Signing up for an account is totally free, so what would you have to lose by trying and creating one?

The registration process is also very straightforward. The first thing that you will have to do is to open the SlickDeals website in your internet browser. Its website address is If you are unable to access the site using the given link, just copy and paste the link into your browser’s URL bar or simply type it, and press Enter. Once you’ve opened their website, you’ll immediately see a “Sign Up” option in the uppermost, right corner of the page. As soon as you click that link, the window will refresh into a “Create a new account” page.

If you have either a Google or a Facebook account, you could choose to use either of the two to register in SlickDeals. Just click either the “Sign In with Google” link or the “Sign In with Facebook” link, and another window will come into view. If you haven’t logged in to your Google or Facebook account with the device you’re using, you will be first asked to fill in your Google or Facebook account’s email address and password, then just click “Log In” to continue. The window will refresh and it will state all the information that SlickDeals will be gaining access to in your Google or Facebook account, whichever you may have chosen to use. Note that the data that would be accessed on either account doesn’t necessarily be the same. If you don’t mind sharing those info with SlickDeals, then just click “Okay”. You would then be automatically redirected to SlickDeal’s homepage and you could start checking out the best deals in its Frontpage.

But if you don’t want to share either of your Google or Facebook account’s information and data with SlickDeals, you could choose to just create an account. You would need to fill in your current email address, your preferred username, a password, and the capcha code shown. You could also choose to subscribe with SlickDeals’ Newsletter by checking the box that corresponds to this. Then just click the “Register” link to proceed. After doing so, you would then be automatically redirected to SlickDeal’s homepage and you could start sharing the best deals you know of, and learn of new ones.

Note that by signing up in either of the two methods, you are also automatically certifying that you are older than 13 years old and that you have read and you agree with SlickDeals’ Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policies. So maybe before you do sign up, you would want to actually read the said terms just to be sure that you really approve with everything laid out. If you are happy with the agreement and the policy, then you could continue with your registration.

It is also important to provide a valid and working email address of yours because you would be receiving an email confirmation from You would need to access this email to confirm your email address and this would also contain the final instructions to complete your registration.

Costs involved

Signing up and browsing through SlickDeals’ extensive list of deals and coupons is totally free, and you will even be able to experience the following features from them free of charge:

  • Browse through the best local deals and coupons
  • Post a new thread about a deal you know of
  • Follow and give your own feedback on other people’s threads and posts in the community forum
  • Edit your posts
  • Receive email notifications of replies to posts and threads you specify
  • Join giveaway contests
  • Get notifications when deals happen via Deal Alerts
  • Add your favorite deals to your Favorites
  • Send private messages to other members
  • Enter events in the forum calendar
  • Set-up a “buddy list” to quickly see which of your friends are currently online

You could also ask SlickDeals’ Deal Editors and other experts who are part of the community.

SlickDeals does not allow retailers and merchants to directly post their own deals on the community forum. They believe that if they allow this, it would defeat the site’s goal which is to present deals based on the unbiased opinions of the members of the community, which at the same time are people who actually had experienced those deals. Instead, SlickDeals offers retailers to contact their Business Development team for a free consultation as to what type of advertising strategy would work best in SlickDeals. For free, SlickDeals offers the following services to retailers and advertisers:

  • Connect with millions of active shoppers on
  • Reach a targeted audience that shops both online and in-store
  • Leverage free consulting to customize and tailor your campaign for success

SlickDeals’ mobile apps could also be downloaded and installed for free. These apps are compatible with both Android and Apple mobile devices.

It won’t actually take much time for anyone to figure out how to navigate through SlickDeal’s website. This is a very modern and efficient way of discovering the best deals you could surely use by collaborating and sharing information with your co-shoppers so you could make the best, budget-friendly shopping experience.