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Discovering SignNow

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One of the biggest headaches of managing a business is keeping track of mountains of paperwork. From documents that have to be sent, signed, received, signed, sent back, or filed, it can quickly become an overwhelming task. When documents get lost in the shuffle, miss filed, or forgotten, disaster can strike. It can mean lost sales, missed opportunities, and lots of headache and hassle to fix. Save yourself all the trouble and streamline the process quickly and easily with SignNow.

  • Get Documents Signed Faster- SignNow reduces the turnaround time it takes to send and receive signed documents by as much as 90%. All papers and documents signed through SignNow are legally binding and can be used to secure agreements and contracts with customers, partners and employees.
  • Secure Agreements- Never waste hours looking through piles of papers and file folders searching for a signed piece of paper. Keep control of document workflows and integrate your digital document copies with all of your other systems.
  • Generate a Paperless Office- Forget the hassle and expense of the printer, scanner, and fax machine. A medium sized business with around 100 employees can save as much as 40 hours each month in time and thousands in dollars each month by going paperless in the office.

So, How Exactly Does SignNow Work?

  • Collect Signatures- Easily collect signatures with the unique system application and you can even send someone a link to a document that they need to sign in a matter of seconds with just a few simple clicks.
  • Safely Archive- All of your documents are backed by SingNow’s Barracuda technology, which is one of the world’s best security companies to protect and secure your important documents and files.
  • Automate Workflows- Track and keep an eye on any documents that you are waiting for and that are in the progress of being signed- you can also cancel documents, resend files, and track everything in a fraction of the time it would take by conventional methods.

Signing Up and Getting Started With SignNow

It is easy to get started saving time, money, space, and resources with SignNow. There are several membership levels you can sign up for depending on the amount of documents you need to send and sign on a monthly basis and how many team members you want or need. Plans start at $25 a month and up depending on the specs and features you want. There is even a free basic plan that they offer for businesses that need just 5 documents or less signed per month, which is great for the individual or small business that needs low volume signing help.

The process for signing up is easy. You select your plan and get a 30 day free trial with no credit card information or payment information needed to sign up. After you select your plan, you will enter your name, email, create a password, supply a contact phone number and enter the name of your company. That is all that is needed to get started and to begin exploring the benefits SignNow offers to your business.

All kinds of businesses work with SignNow

With SignNow, all businesses can send, track, and sign all manner of documents – on any device- within a fraction of the time it would take with conventional methods. There are many different benefits waiting for business owners when they begin using SignNow:

Let your work get managed with top ranked platforms and systems that are available on a variety of mobile devices. SignNow has been the #1 ranked eSigning business platform for mobile devices for several years now. It is the best solution for document management for any business that works extensively from a mobile device or that works from multiple offices.

Close deals quicker and gain great profit margins. When there is little to no lag time between getting documents signed and beginning work, business can flow smoothly and everyone can work to their full efficiency without wasting down time waiting for documents to be signed, sent, and processed. Customer can sign sales agreements in seconds and clients can initiate contractual work in a matter of minutes. Get PDF copies sent to emails for all involved parties.

Take advantage of the growing market of freelance and non-traditional workers. The traditional office set up is becoming less common and more workers are working off site, from home, and on a work for hire or freelance status. When workers never step foot in the office it can make signing papers a challenge, but with SignNow, contracts can be signed, NDAs can be finalized and work can begin quickly and easily.

Easily send, track, and manage important papers in seconds with a few clicks on the easy to use SignNow platform. Track everything in real time and know when documents are opened, signed, sent, and received. Set up email and text alerts for when documents are sent in and when deadlines are missed. Get a specially formatted cloud storage system that allows you to store and retrieve documents when needed.

Save time and resources for your business by reducing the number of papers printed, the postage that is bought, and the psychical storage area needed. The unique system of the SignNow platform allows you to filter all files and documents by name, date, subject, keyword, or department to find the files you are looking for in a snap.

Quickly gather bulk sets of legally binding signatures. With some of the SignNow membership plans you can send up to 1,000 documents or to 1,000 signers at one time.

Benefits Are Waiting For You

SignNow helps speed up document turnaround time and helps your business get going on the important projects even faster so you can start making even more money. As a customer, you can get your important documents sent and signed in less than a minute and get the documentation you need from customers, partners, and employees. Benefits are waiting for you at SignNow!

  • Sign documents from your phone, laptop, or mobile device
  • Make it easy for clients and customers to access and sign
  • Create a signing link so files can be sent quickly and easily via email
  • Manage company agreements, contracts, and terms
  • View the records and status of all documents that you have sent with SignNow
  • Access documents quickly and easily on the cloud from anywhere
  • Make your office paperless and green in no time
  • Share files with employees, partners, clients, customers, and contactors
  • View all documents on your SignNow platform including your team’s work
  • Invite your entire team to get on board and be successful