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Send U – Simple and Free File Transfer Service

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Sharing files by means of the internet has been a huge boon for private individuals and businesses alike, and email has never really been able to fulfill this need adequately. While back in the dial up modem days, there people would want to send larger files, they would quickly come to find that not only have they failed to get the large attachment through the technology limitations of slow internet connections, but that in fact they had blocked the other personís email account often needing their internet service provider to be contacted for them to access the clientís mail box to clear out and delete the large attachment to free the mail box up again. And as the internet speeds got faster, so did the potential uses for the internet also grow rapidly, resulting in ever larger files wanting to be send between two or more people. The problems of engineers and printers and graphic artists were profound, costly to resolve manually and very slow; and so the internet always held out the promise of a solution of sharing large files; but never was email ever going to be part of that solution. Even the web based free email accounts like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo mail all have severe limits of about twenty to twenty five megabytes as the maximum email attachment that you can send. Sure you can have much more stored in your email box, but you are strictly limited to what you can send in one email.

No Need to Burn CDs and Courier Delivery, but Send U It is For Files Up To 100 Megs Only

And so the choices where perhaps using a manual system of burning CDs and sending them by snail mail or courier; a very costly and slow way to get things done. Or if with the Internet, then by using an FTP Solution; File Transfer Protocol being a powerful and very efficient tool for sending large files was one possibility. However FTP needs to access the directory structure of a web server in ways that most people find the whole concept far too hard to understand. That and that most people do not have access to web servers in any event. Sure they can access the web sites, but most people do not have log in details to the web server itself which would be needed to upload a file to it for another person to use FTP to download it. And by giving other people FTP access to your web server means they can see and access far more than you should ever securely allow. FTP is great for its efficiency, and if there is an interruption to the internet connection; no problems because FTP picks up and starts again from where it got to ñ there is n need to start the transfer process all over again. Plus FTP uses only about five per cent of the internet speed to manage the file transfer process; compared to HTTP web pages using more like twenty per cent of the internet connection to manage the same thing. But it is so complicated and a security risk; as well as not available to most internet users.

No Account Needed, Just Upload Your File, Give the Other Person the Link to Download it

So that realistically only leaves a web site based solution; sites for example like Send U It. Purpose built for transferring files up to one hundred megabytes in size, Send U It works by letting you select a file from your computer (up to the maximum size), and uploading it to the Send U It web server. When you are doing this, you nominate how long the file should remain there before being deleted; with options ranging from thirty minutes up to one week. It does take a while for the file to be uploaded, but there is no need to wait around for it to be completed and you can get on with other things. When the file has been uploaded, you are given a private link to the file; and it is only the link that you give to someone else; they download the file by using the link you send them. By this means, there does not need to be any fancy or heavy duty connectivity between you and who you want to have the file. Rather it is all done in a two stage process; from you to Send U It and from Send U It to the recipient. One advantage of this is that you only need to upload the file once; but you can share it with many people. That is, you may wish to share it with twenty or fifty people and it is Send U It that carries the cost of the bandwidth bill ñ no need for you to tie up your internet connection with many gigs of the file transfer to many users.

No Premium Features with Send U It; It is Free and Basic

There are many such file transfer sites around, but almost all of them involve money being paid to them for the service. These paid for services will have much higher file size limits and also be offering very high speed download speeds; you are after all paying for it. Whereas Send U It is more like a set and forget personal file transfer service; modest in its file size limits and bandwidth speeds, yet very useful and functional for most classes of internet users. Printers, engineers and graphic artists would not consider Send U It; their files tend to be on the massive side of things, and they are often sending many gigs a day. Certainly no one uses couriers to deliver CDs any more. And certainly Send U It is a perfectly useful solution for the medium sized needs of the masses, in a simple to use free system that you can use time and again. Just upload your file and send the link.