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Selling Digital Content By Using Sellfy

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Ever tried to create and sell digital content such as ebooks, music, photos and other digital creations on the internet? Usually, there are quite a number of issues with which you have to contend when engaging in selling digital content and these include file storage, payment processing as well as delivery of the product to the purchaser. Often, these issues constitute challenges which might prove daunting to you and sometimes even deter you from pursuing your dreams of selling digital content.

Sellfy is an online platform that is purpose-built to help you solve those problems by simply taking care of them while you worry solely about the creation of your digital content. By building a very robust and versatile platform for storing and distributing digital content, Sellfy has made it possible for you to just create you content, upload the content on Sellfy, decide the price at which you wish to sell the content to your target audience and enter the price, provide all relevant details of the content and start making sales immediately through your website as well as social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. All it requires for you to sell the content is a link that your audience on social media can click in order to be directed to the sales point. Very easy. As you can see, Sellfy takes the weight off your shoulders and frees you up to dedicate your time solely to creating even more content!

How To Sign Up With And Start Using Sellfy

Sellfy places a lot of emphasis on making things very easy for users and this begins with the signing up process which is simple and straight-to-the-point. It is a no-hassles procedure that is completed in less then a minute. You even have two options which are; Signing up with your email or signing up with Facebook. Furthermore, the call-to-action signs for you to sign up are prominently placed such that you immediately navigate to the Sign Up page. However, to get to this point, you have to get to the website’s homepage at When you get there, you will notice the Sign Up buttons right in the top half of the page at eye-level. Signing up using either Facebook or email both have benefits and social media allows Sellfy to engage your fans right away.

By signing up with your email, you automatically join the Sellfy mailing list which also provides the benefit of instant information and notifications. To sign up with Facebook, simply click on the Sign Up With Facebook button and you will be taken to the Facebook login page and after logging in, a small window appears, prompting you to permit Sellfy to connect with you on Facebook while informing you that Sellfy will receive only your public profile, friend list and email address. You are also assured that Sellfy will not be able to post to your Facebook wall. Go ahead and click Okay to complete the sign up process.

To sign up with email, click the appropriate button and you will be taken to Sign Up page which contains a simple and very brief form. The required information is limited to your Name, Email address and chosen Password. Once you provides the information, simply click Sign Up complete the process.

Features of Sellfy

Sellfy offers many exciting yet very simple features for users who wish to sell digital products to their target audience. These features make life easy, not just for the content producer but also for the purchaser as they do not have to go through a lot of processes to achieve their objective either as the seller or buyer. Here are some of the features:

  • Direct Channel to Buyers: Sellfy cuts out all the unnecessary processes that people go through when trying to sell digital products. All you need with Sellfy is a link to share with people who follow you on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Once you upload your content on Sellfy, all you need to do is share the Buy Now link with your contacts on social media. All that they, in turn have to do, is use the link to make the purchase. The process is extremely easy.
  • Receive Instant Payment Via Popular Payment Channels: Sellfy is integrated with the most popularly used payment providers including Paypal, Stripe and Paymill. Thus, your buyers will have no issues making payment for purchase of your products. Additionally, you are able to receive your earnings in your account immediately.
  • Monitor Sales and Product Sales Performance: Sales goes beyond mere purchase as you would have to see how it is performing in order to determine any changes that may need to be made. Sellfy provides you with superb analytics that ensure you have most of the sales statistics at the click of a mouse. Access sales and earning figures as well as product views in addition to affiliate sales.

Costs of Using Sellfy

All Sellfy charges you for selling your digital content via the platform is 5% of the transaction. That is all. Sellfy collects this charge either by making a deduction immediately after the transaction or charging your credit card two weeks after the end of the preceding month. The former applies when the purchase is made via Paypal while the latter applies to Stripe and Paymill.

However, you, the seller receives the money immediately in the respective accounts, whether Paypal, Stripe or Paymill. When you sign up to sell your products via the Sellfy platform, you enjoy the opportunity to sell unlimited products as Sellfy does not place a ceiling on how much digital content you can upload nor are there segregated accounts. You also enjoy unlimited storage for your products so you may continue to upload products without fear of hitting a storage limit. Additionally, you can be assured that you will not breach any bandwidth limit either as this is also unlimited.