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Getting Tickets To The Best Events With SeatGeek

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SeatGeek is one of the best and surest ways of snagging that ticket to your favorite event. There are many live events demanding to be enjoyed and you would love to get tickets to many of them but those tickets are not easy to come by and besides, the task of having to scour the internet for the them is typically daunting. As a search engine purpose-built to find tickets, SeatGeek takes all that hard work off your hands by combing the major ticket sites with a toothcomb and presenting their findings on the website. All you need to do is visit the SeatGeek website and look through using amazing features embedded in the SeatGeek search engine to find that perfect ticket that will make your outing a memorable one. Another very important thing about SeatGeek is that it is not limited to its web-based platform as it is also available for use on your mobile device, whether iPad, iPhone or Android device. So, if you use either an iPhone or iPad, simply go to the Apple App Store and download the SeatGeek App from there. Android users can get the Android version of the app from Google Play. Additionally, you will enjoy yhe functionalities of the platform regardless of the web browser you are using.

As an aggregate search engine, SeatGeek is able to pull in ticket offerings from all the hundreds of sites selling tickets on the internet then present them to you in the format most convenient for you. The types of events for which SeatGeek finds tickets includes concerts, sports, comedy shows, stage shows among many others.

How To Sign Up To Use SeatGeek

SeatGeek makes things very very easy for users and this includes the signing up process. You do not have to jump any hoops in order to sign up and the information you need to disclose is minimal. To get started with the signing up process, you have to be on the website and once you get there by clicking on the link or type the address directly into the address bar in your browser. Once you get to the homepage, look at the top right side of the page and you will notice a green colored button for signing up. When you click on this button, a small window pops up on the screen with a very brief form on it. You are given two options; to log in using or sign up with email. The choice depends on you and which of the choices is more convenient for you.

If you choose to log in using Facebook, click on the Log In With Facebook button and another small window will open, prompting you to log in to your Facebook account if you are currently logged out of it. If you are already log into your Facebook account, there will be not prompt to log in.

Signing up with email is also very easy and all you need to do is to enter your email, password and promo-code where applicable. Click the blue button at the end of the form to conclude this stage.

Cost of Using SeatGeek

The cost of using SeatGeek is absolutely zero. You do not get charged a single penny for using SeatGeek. According to the website, this will remain the status quo forever, therefore it will not change.

SeatGeek however records revenue by receiving a tiny percentage of the ticket purchase price from the website that originally listed them. Typically, the tickets listed on SeatGeek are being sold by a ticker retailing website. Therefore, when a purchase is made through SeatGeek, it is recorded as a sale through their website thereby entitling them to the percentage.

    How To Use SeatGeek

To search for a ticket on SeatGeek, simply use the search bar at the top of the page. You will find those search bars on most of the pages. The search feature has an auto-complete function that helps give you directions as you search. There are already artistes and area codes that the system understands and will therefore pick up once you begin typing the search phrase.

Benefits of Using SeatGeek

There are quite a number of benefits that you enjoy by using SeatGeek and these go beyond merely looking up tickets once you register as a user. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Robust and Trusty Rating System: SeatGeek’s Deal Score is a rating system that enables you to determine how great a bargain you are getting from that specific deal. The Deal Score is allocated to each deal after analyses by SeatGeek and the higher the Deal Score, the more value you will get from your deal.
  • Track Upcoming Events: There is a tracking functionality built-in to the SeatGeek platform. This tracker allows you to track performer and upcoming events as well as get notifications as soon as new events are being organized.
  • Get Notification of Ticket Prices: SeatGeek sends you email alerts from time to time in order to give you a heads-up about changes in ticket prices. This will enable you to purchase your ticket at the time most beneficial to your pocket.
  • Receive Recommendation For Events: By using the tracking information you have provided for your events, SeatGeek can give you information regarding upcoming artistes that are making waves even though you may not have heard of them. Once you have furnished SeatGeek with your preferences and personal tastes, you will receive events recommendation based on those interests.
  • Event Calender: SeatGeek provides you with a events calender which is completely personalized to suit you based on your preferences and this will allow you know what events are happening right in your city.
  • Get Details of Your Seating Position: Unlike many of such services where you purchase a ticket without knowing exactly where you will be seated, SeatGeek comes with interactive maps and 3D views that enable you find the best seat.