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Screen Toaster – Newest Contender for Screen Capture Software as a Service

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Warning! Website described in this article is discontinued and no longer in service. Content is moved to ‘Discontinued Websites‘.

Historically, one of the most difficult things to do is to develop training materials or video presentations for people because the available software is either far too complex to use, or the resulting file sizes far too large to be useful. And it is particularly frustrating because you know the subject matter extremely well, but you cannot share your knowledge and skills for want of being able to produce the video content; while you can perform the thing you want to teach, you have no ability to record what is on your computer screen for others to be able to see and benefit from. And then there is the problem of distributing your recorded video and audio file to others; which normally involves setting up web site space with sufficient bandwidth for others to gain fast download speeds when they view your course or tutorial materials. The world has been lacking such a software tool to make all of this easy to do. And now we have Screen Toaster to help us out with this dilemma.

No Need to Downlaod any software;Just Create an Account and Record from the Tools Offered Online

Toasting your Screen is all about recording what is on your screen for it to be saved for a later time, and so using the Software as a Service business model, Screen Toaster have developed the software on cloud servers such that people can create an account and log in to their own space to start using the recording and save tools. When the registered user wishes to soon record some screen activity, they click the ìStart Recordingî button in the Screen Toaster control panel, and this causes a small Java Applet to be downloaded to the userís computer. From their own computer screen, when they are logged into Screen Toaster and are ready to begin recording, they simply press Control and the ìSî keys together which spawns the Java Applet and so the user simply then launches straight into what they wish to record. What is on the screen and what is said into the microphone are both recorded to the hard drive. To pause the recording, the user simply presses Control and ìSî again, and the again to resume the recording. By this use of the keyboard to start and pause the recording the user is not using his mouse and so viewers will not be distracted by this.

Video Recordings of Screen Activity is a Powerful Teaching Tool

After the recording has been completed, the user can simply upload the finished work to the Screen Toaster servers under the userís account, or they can upload it directly to their YouTube account. There the materials can be reviewed as needed, and links to it can be shared with others by email, or links to it embedded into blogs or web sites as need be and desired. To pause the recording, the user simply presses Control and ìSî again, and the again to resume the recording. By this use of the keyboard to start and pause the recording the user is not using his mouse and so viewers will not be distracted by this. From your account, you can also have the video materials set to private mode so that only you or who you invite can see the finished product. In addition, you can have the video and audio converted to either .avi or .flv formats for them to be downloaded; it all depends on that you wish to achieve. The functions you can choose to use are only limited by your imagination and the particular needs you have. Screen Toaster is perfect for tutorials, training courses, lectures, promotional needs, and product demonstrations.

Free to Use for Now; While it is in Public Beta Testing

As with most web sites continuing to develop their product range and to iron out any bugs, Screen Toaster has so far always been free to use. This was true when it was in private beta testing stages of development, to later being in public beat testing mode. But given the cost of funding cloud servers and large bandwidth pipes, it is hard to imagine that accounts will always stay free of charge in the future. While many online Software as a Service businesses can make good money from being advertising supported, the sheer operating costs of a video enterprise like Screen Toaster will most probably demand that there be at least some level of paid subscription plans for at least premium users wanting all and every feature being offered. We will have to watch this space to see the production level of functions and the costs associated with Screen Toaster.

Earlier versions were not able to record audio on the fly; and so any audio had to be recorded over the top of the video as a two stage process. That is a thing of the past with both video and audio being recorded simultaneously. Because video content is now a significant mega trend for web site developers and internet marketers, we can expect Screen Toaster to enjoy exponential growth in the coming years. Because it hosts all the software, there is no need to buy and download and install any software; everything you need to do, you simply do through your web browser while logged into your account. And from there it is simple and easy to save your uploaded work, and then send to your mailing list a link to the video (after you have set it to public viewing status), or you can use the supplied embed code so that you can post a link to your video into your blogs or web sites. When users click the link, they will be redirected to Screen Toaster where they watch it either in full screen mode or in a smaller window. The Screen Toaster software operates on all operating systems and has been tested on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X compatible web browsers.