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Sanitize Your Email Inbox With Sanebox

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Email boxes have become a staple in the online world today. It is infact, safe to state that nearly everyone who is regularly online and even those who venture online irregularly actually have at least one registered email address. Registering an email address is one of the first acts done by most people when coming online. Today, people receive emails from just about anyone; colleagues at work, friends, relatives, businesses, clients and so much more. Sieving through emails has become a huge task as most email boxes have been transformed into huge virtual dustbins where just about everyone wishes to drop a mail, hoping to grab your attention.

How do you ‘sanitize’ your inbox and ensure that you are able to see what is important to you? Of course, there are email clients available but keeping your email inbox as clean as you would want is not really the core function of any email client. It is certainly not easy to ‘train’ an email client either in order for it to understand what mails you prefer to see and where you would prefer to direct particular emails for future attention. These core and vital tasks are not easy to come by but then, with Sanebox, you can be quite sure that you get to own your email once again. Taking control of your email has hardly been easier than it is when you hand that task over to Sanebox and with leading influencers such as Tony Robbins already touting its prowess in helping you regain control of your email, it is quite obvious that Sanebox packs a lot of power.

Sanebox is actually an online service that integrates with your email and is built to analyze the way you have been using your email previously. This helps it to determine which mails you typically open quickly, those you tend to ignore, how fast you usually respond to the emails and the regularity with which you do so etc. By being able to analyze these behaviors, Sanebox is able to discern which emails are most important to you. Thus, you receive your most ‘important’ emails right in your inbox while the unimportant ones are placed in a different folder known as ‘Sanelater’ but the list of emails are provided to you in a digest. In other words, Sanebox will immediately show you the emails that you have shown it to be very important to you while sequestering others in a separate folder but giving you an overview of them. Simple and effective.

Signing Up to Use Sanebox

Sanebox is probably among the top easiest online services to sign up for. It is amazingly easy to sign up for Sanebox. All you need to do is navigate to the website and right there on the homepage you are invited to enter your email address and get going right away. At the top right corner of the page, you will also find a ‘Get Started’ button which will take you to a page with a sign up form containing just one field for your email address. Nothing more than that and once you enter your email, go ahead and click ‘Continue’ below the form. You will then be prompted to enter your email password. Remember, you are signing up to use the service and it requires access to your email. Once you enter your password, Sanebox will connect to your email to place a folder inside, allowing it to start working its magic in your inbox.

Costs of Using Sanebox

Sanebox provides everyone a free trial period of two weeks. This will allow you to assess its impact on your email inbox. If you deem it to be of sufficient value, you may then select any of the paid subscription plans that fit your email usage and budget. Sanebox makes it very easy for you to make this decision. Its decision making features include a calculator that helps you determine just how much of your time that Sanebox saves you on an annual basis. By asking you to provide information such as the number of emails you receive daily as well as your hourly income, Sanebox automatically calculates the amount of time and dollars that it will save you the coming year. For example, if you receive 50 emails daily and make $20/hour ($41,600 annually), the system calculates that Sanebox will save you 88 hours, amounting to $1,764 in the coming year. According to Sanebox, its customers save an estimated 3 hours weekly on email.

The following are the subscription plans for Sanebox:

  • Snack: This costs $7/Month. It accommodates 1 email account and allows for priority filtering of emails. SaneAttachments and SaneReminders features are both enabled with a limit of 5/month. Subscribers enjoy email support and 1 optional feature.
  • Lunch: This costs $12/Month. It accommodates 2 email accounts and allows for priority filtering of emails. SaneAttachments and SaneReminders features are both enabled with a limit of 250/month. Subscribers enjoy email support and 5 optional features.
  • Dinner: This costs $36/Month. It accommodates 4 email accounts and allows for priority filtering of emails. SaneAttachments and SaneReminders features are both enabled without any limits. Subscribers enjoy email and phone support as well as all available optional features.

Benefits of Sanebox

Sanebox offers its users tremendous benefits and some are best appreciated when compared with existing offers on other platforms.

  • Works in any Email Environment: Regardless of the device or email service/client, Sanebox works perfectly well.
  • Superior Filtering Algorithm: Sanebox’s filtering algorithms make it far more powerful in comparison with other available email services. It is able to ‘learn’ faster and adapt to suit you.
  • No Software Installation: You will not be required to download any software or install any plugins. Sanebox works on your existing email infrastructure.
  • Bank-level Security and Privacy: Sanebox assures its users that it never looks at the content of their emails, only the headers and it never takes possession of their emails either.