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Improve Your Business Management with

Found In: Business is considered to be the “enterprise cloud computing leader”. It is basically a contact management database that you could access via a browser or a mobile app, using a secure login and password. Their social and mobile cloud technologies aims in helping businesses connect and communicate effectively with their costumers, contractors, associates, and personnel in an entirely modern way. It provides the clientele services like flagship sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications that greatly help companies manage and connect with their costumers easily. Its low cost, low risk and fast results made Salesforce a popular choice especially for nonprofit organizations.

How do I register for

Signing up at is actually easy and you actually got to try everything in it free of charge for 30 days. To access this free trial, first, you have to open the website. Its website address is If you are unable to access the website using the link, simply copy and paste it into your browser’s URL bar or you can simply type this address in the URL bar and press Enter.

Once you’ve opened the site, you’ll immediately see a “Free Trial” option in the upper right corner of the webpage. When you click it, a window for the sign up of the free 30-day trial would come into view. You would then need to fill in your name, your job title, an existing and current business email address, your phone number, and your company’s name as well as the language setting of your page and the number of employees you have. After which, you would have to click the box that means you agree with the Master Subscription Agreement, but before doing that you may want to actually read the said agreement just to be sure that you do agree with everything in it. If you find everything in it acceptable, then click “Start Free Trial” to continue.

It is also important that you provide an actually existing email address of yours because you would have to access an email confirmation from It would contain the instructions for you to fully make use of 30-day free trial and experience everything Salesforce has to offer.

When you finish checking that mail, you would be asked to login to your account to change your password, if you so desire, and provide a security question and answer which would be necessary if ever you forget your password. After doing all this, your newly made Salesforce account page would come into view and they even have a personalize tour just for you!

You won’t need to download or install any software and you got to register and have full access to all the features and capabilities of Salesforce for 30 days free of charge! Trying it out would obviously not cost you anything.

Costs Involved’s 30-day trial gives you a chance to try out their “platform-as-a-service offering” all free of charge, and the trial includes the following:

  • 20 licenses
  • 5000 Chatter Free licenses
  • 1 Development Sandbox
  • 1 site with up to 500,000 page views per month
  • 100 authenticated site users (via the platform portal)
  • Visual workflow
  • Mobile
  • 1GB data storage
  • API access
  • Chatter
  • code (Apex) and pages (Visualforce)
  • Full use of accounts and contacts
  • Read, create and access ideas
  • Membership in our Developer Force community

The trial also includes advanced functionality such as’s code, pages, and sites. It also allows you to build and run any custom app that you may need or you can also run third party applications that are available on the AppExchange. You can even request to extend your trial by contacting directly their Sales department.

However, if you would want to use a custom domain name you would need to upgrade your subscription and this will of course come with a reasonable price. A paid subscription also allows you to access the following services of Salesforce:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Remedyforce

A Closer Look On What Salesforce Can Do’s CRM service is actually divided into several other services and functions. A few of them are the following:

  • Sales Cloud: Allows you to connect apps, devices, and customers either through your desktop or your mobile phone. Sales Cloud provides an instant connection to your contacts, accounts, and other vital business information. You could close deals quicker and easier, wherever or whenever you want by just using your laptop or even your mobile phone.
  • Service Cloud: Helps you to build customer loyalty, increase first call resolution, and agent productivity by allowing you to deliver costumer service from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Whether you are sitting in front of your desktop or having a stroll in the park, you could still stay productive and not miss out delivering amazing costumer services.
  • ExactTarget Marketing Cloud: Let you create richer relationships with your costumers like never before. It allows you to create one on one campaign by combining traditional digital channels like email, mobile, social, and the web with any imaginable product so you could turn consumers to costumers.
  • SalesForce1 Platform: It is a Costumer Platform that lets you create custom apps faster, using new APIs and tools, so you could connect with your clients, employees, partners, and the next generation of devices and apps. Salesform1 Platform accelerates the development and deployment of apps for a better business management.
  • SalesForce Chatter: Considered as the “leading enterprise social network”, it helps you be more productive by effectively connecting you with your team so you could sync up and take action. You can also create custom actions and deploy it instantly to your teammates’ device, as well as access any app from a fast and easy to use social feed.

With a low cost, low risk, and fast results has been known to help their more than 100,000 costumers succeed in their business endeavors. With the increase popularity of online social communication, Salesforce had innovatively used this to develop a state-of-the-art customer service and social enterprise.