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Signing Documents Quickly And Professionally Online With RightSignature

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Ever had that really tough experience that almost (or probably did) cost you a contract? You were supposed to sign a document to close the deal ASAP (meaning immediately in that context) but failed to do so because you were not close to your computer, printer and scanner? This obviously happened because you did not use the digital and obviously simpler and far more instant method of signing documents. RightSignature makes that very, very easy for you to do. You no longer have to miss important opportunities or deal with documents in the deskbound manner. Sign your documents wherever, whenever and with utmost convenience and immediacy.

RightSignature is an online service that enables small companies, professionals, large corporations and non-profits to sign professional documents in a variety of ways; handwritten mouse signatures, mobile signatures, typed signatures as well as others. Obviously, time saving is a key advantage of RightSignature but then, there are many others as well and these include the ability to impress your customers with this cutting-edge way of doing business. Costs savings is yet another key advantage as you will no longer need to spend all the money typically spent on ink and paper. Instead of expending money purchasing ink and paper, you simply do your document creation and signing online, securely and efficiently. Cut the stress out of document creation and signing by using a robust and versatile online service that provides a very secure platform to achieve far more with much less.

Using RightSignature For Document Creation and Signing

RightSignature is awesome to use and while it is obvious that there is a massive backend of operations powering it, the user experience is nothing short of smooth and certainly friendly. It is simple and elegant, posing no stress at all to users and recipients. Usage from beginning to end is done in just about four steps. It is that easy. Here are the steps:

  • Send Document to Recipient(s): All it takes to do this is for you to upload a document, whether in Word or PDF format by selecting it from your drive or online application such as Freshbooks or Google Docs. Enter the names and email address of each person meant to sign the document. Enter the subject of the document in the appropriate space and if you wish, add a message to the recipients then send it by clicking the Send button.
  • Notify: Each recipient receives an email notification informing them of the document you just sent to them.
  • Sign: Each recipient then signs the document and withing seconds, a document with legally binding effect has been created.
  • Complete: The fully signed document is completed with striking similarity to that produced traditionally. Copies are automatically forwarded to all signers as well as people copied in the original email.
  • Archive: Each RightSignature user has a personal archive which functions as a kind of virtual repository of documents the user has completed. Anytime there is a need to find a specific document, all the user needs to do is search the archive any of the various criteria: file name, subject, email address, form field or tags. Each document is secured with high-level algorithm designed to ensure tamper-proof and legally defensible record.

When the process is completed, a PDF of the document with all the signatures is then generated and if there are any form fields meant to have been filled, this will also be included. A Signature Certificate is also generated for each document executed on RightSignature and this certificate provides the information of each signatory to the document, an audit log in addition to a unique identification number. The completed document is automatically emailed to each signer and anyone else in copy.

How To Sign Up And Join RightSignature

Signing up to join and use RightSignature is a very simple process. In fact, you have a free trial for five document, obligation-free. Once you land on the homepage at, you will find a form prominently displayed on the right side of the page inviting you to sign up and take the free trial. There are just two fields contained in the form; Name and Email address. Fill those details into the form then hit the ‘Create Free Account’ button. That is all it takes.

Costs of Using RightSignature

RightSignature has two pricing models; monthly and annual. There are also three subscription packages.

  • Personal: This costs $14/month and $11 annually. It accommodates only one sender and provides 1 reusable template but permits unlimited document sending.
  • Business: This costs $49/month and $39 annually. It accommodates 10 senders and provides 20 reusable template but permits unlimited document sending. Users can also create online forms, do custom branding, request attachments and enjoy priority support.
  • Enterprise: This starts at $199. It enjoys the features of the previouspackages and in addition, API integration access, custom workflows, embedded signings, premier support and training among many others.

Features of RightSignature

RightSignature has some really awesome features that has made the online service stand out in its market space. Here are some of those features:

  • Neutral Technology: RightSignature can be used on any web browser and does not require any downloads or plug-ins. It can also be used on both the Mac and PC.
  • Handwritten Signature: RightSignature has a superior and certainly exclusive signature pad that allows users to produce signatures that look as close to real-life as possible with a final document that is a replica of any signed by hand.
  • Type-to-Sign: By using a handwriting style font, users are able to type their names thus creating an authentic signature.
  • Mobile and Tablet Signing: RightSignature has an iPhone and iPad functionality that enables them sign signatures using the screen as a signature pad on the iPhone and as a biometric screen using the iPad.
  • Popular File Formats: Documents may be uploaded in diverse formats including PDF, .Doc,.DOCX among many others.
  • Sequential Signing: Where there is an established workflow that demands an order in which the document may be signed, RightSignature incorporates that sequence and creates intermediate document versions after each signature.
  • Expiration Dates: RightSignature allows the document sender to specify dates by which the document must have been signed by the recipients and the system automatically send reminders out via email before that date.