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RetailMeNot offers an innovative means of saving while shopping. Considered to be one of the largest digital coupon market place in the United States (US), is where you could find hundreds of thousands digital coupons from various retailers and brands across the globe. It is basically a collaborative discount search engine where you could find online and local coupons, discount or coupon codes, printable coupons, and grocery coupons from local businesses and grocery stores and even from major retailers like Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, Old Navy, and Amazon. Their coupon categories includes accessories, automotive, baby products, beauty products, clothing, electronics, furniture, health, home and garden, jewelry, pets, photography, toys, and travel. They also offer advertising services to merchants and retailers. Merchants could share their coupons and discount offers on the site. is only one of the many websites of RetailMeNot.Inc. RetailMeNot.Inc also has “coupons’ websites” in other countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Netherlands. These websites like all aims to aggregate coupon and discount offers and make them available to consumers.

How do I sign up for a account?

Though you don’t necessarily need an account to access RetailMeNot’s extensive list of coupons and coupon codes, there are a lot of things that you can’t do to fully take advantage of RetailMeNot’s services without one. Signing up for an account is totally free and you could also choose later on to delete your account if ever you’re not satisfied with their services, so what would you lose by trying it and creating one?

The registration process is also pretty easy and uncomplicated. The first thing that you will have to do is to open the RetailMeNot website in your internet browser. Its website address is If you are unable to access the site using the given link, just copy and paste the link into your browser’s URL bar or simply type it, and press Enter. Once you’ve opened their website, you’ll immediately see a “My Account” option in the uppermost, right corner of the page. Mouse over that link and a dropdown option list will come into view. You’ll see “Sign Up” among those options and just click it. As soon as you do so, a “Join” window will emerge right at the middle of the screen. You can’t surely miss it!

If you have a Facebook account, you could choose to use that to register in RetailMeNot. Just click the “Sign up with Facebook” link. Another window will come into view. If you haven’t logged in to your Facebook account with the device you’re using, you will be first asked to fill in your Facebook account’s email address and password, then just click “Log In” to continue. The window will refresh and it will state all the information that RetailMeNot will be gaining access to in your Facebook account. If you don’t mind sharing the mentioned information with RetailMeNot, then click “Okay” to continue. You would then be automatically redirected to RetailMeNot’s homepage and you could start checking out coupons of the day or search for specific ones.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to share your Facebook account’s information and data with RetailMeNot, you could choose to just create an account. You would need to specify your current and valid email address, and a password. Then just click the “Create an account” link to proceed. After doing so, you would then be automatically redirected to RetailMeNot’s homepage and you could start browsing through their numerous coupon and coupon codes listings.

Note that by signing up in either of the two methods, you are also automatically agreeing to RetailMeNot’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. So maybe before you do sign up, you would want to actually read the said terms just to be sure that you really approve with everything laid out. If you are satisfied with the terms and the policy, then you could continue with your registration.

It is also important to provide a valid and working email address of yours because you would be receiving an email confirmation from You would need to access this email to confirm your email address and this would also contain the final instructions to complete your registration. You could also use your email to access your account if ever you forget your password.

Costs involved

Signing up and browsing through RetailMeNot’s extensive list of deals and coupons is totally free, and you will even be able to do the following free of charge:

  • Browse through their list of everyday top coupons, coupon codes and more
  • Submit coupons you know of
  • Save coupons you would want to use in the future – just make sure to use it before it expires
  • Add to “Favorite Stores” your favorite stores
  • Customize alerts from your favorite stores
  • Keep track of your savings
  • Accumulate points for submitting coupons
  • Earn badges for submitting and using coupons, commenting, and more
  • Share tips with your fellow RetailMeNot community members
  • Join and win prizes from RetailMeNot’s community contests
  • Subscribe to the Best of RetailMeNot and receive the best saving deals directly to your email’s inbox
  • Share coupons and coupon codes in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

RetailMeNot also offers to partner with retailer and local businesses. RetailMeNot offers to help retailers create, distribute, and reach more consumers for FREE. They present the following benefits to retailers:

  • In-store sales: Increase in-store traffic through online promotions
  • Reach: Get the added benefits and faster deployment of using the web
  • Shopper insights: Get insights and make sense of shopper behaviors by the use of data and analytics
  • Easy offer creation: Create digital offers in a matter of minutes

RetailMeNot’s mobile applications could also be downloaded and installed for free. These apps are compatible with both Android and Apple mobile devices, so whether you’re on the go or on the confines of your home you’d always be able to access RetailMeNot’s extensive list of coupons.

It won’t actually take much time for anyone to figure out how to navigate through This is a very modern and efficient way of discovering the best discounts you could surely use offline and online. With RetailMeNot’s goal to connect online shoppers to offline sales both benefits the consumers and retailers. With how important saving is nowadays,’s services will surely not fail you.