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Review and Share Your Opinion About ANYTHING With RateItAll

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You have probably tried reviewing online before. Maybe you had a great experience or a really hairy one and you just had to get it out there and let others know how you feel about a particular product or service. You would generally have to look for an online review service that caters for those products you have in mind as most online reviewers typically have a product or service niche. This makes things a bit tedious for you, having to scout around for the one that suits your purpose but RateItAll bucks that trend by providing you a platform where you can rate and review ANYTHING. You no longer have to trawl the internet looking for the one that suits you as RateItAll covers you completely and you are bound to find kindred spirit among the more than 15,000,000 people who have used RateItAll through the years and almost 3,000,000 things to rate on the platform. There could hardly be a better online service that will give you the kind of opportunity you desire to let everyone know your experience while using a product or service.

RateItAll differs from other review sites in more ways than one but in addition to the highlight provided previously, here are just a few more that explicitly show what separates the website from others:

  • Coverage: While other review sites focus on specific niches or categories, RateItAll goes the whole hog by covering just about anything. Whatever you wish to review can be done on RateItAll unlike most other review sites.
  • Revenue: RateItAll has a unique system whereby it shares revenue with its registered members to reward them for writing reviews and getting traffic.
  • Openness: RateItAll does not hide reviews and other content, rather ensures that all its content is available and accessible via APIs and feeds as well as widgets.
  • Unique Format: The format used by RateItAll is the newsfeed format and this makes your reviews more engaging because you can subscribe to topics in which you are interested as well as any other reviewer whose reviews catch your attention.
  • Size: RateItAll is a massive online service and this is evidenced by the fact that there are almost 5,000,000 opinions already registered on the website while more than 3,000,000 things have also been indexed for rating and as far back as 2009, there were almost 15,000,000 people using RateItAll.

How To Sign Up And Join RateItAll

Signing up to join RateItAll is an important step in taking full advantage of the what the website has to offer. For example, you cannot post a rating except as a logged in member. Happily, becoming a member by registering on the website is a very easy process and it is designed that way to remove any stress. You will find the ‘Sign In’ link at the top of the homepage once you get to the website at Click on the link to navigate to the registration page where you will find a brief form requiring just your Username, Email Address and Password. Once you enter those details in the form, you only need to type in the security code provided on the form then then click the ‘Sign Me Up’ button to complete the process.

When you sign up on RateItAll, you get a profile page which you can edit as you wish by using the Edit function provided.

Costs of Using RateItAll

It is free to use RateItAll for both individual and businesses. RateItAll has also gone the extra mile of developing a system that enables you to make money with its RateItAll Economy Program. It is quite simple; you write a great review that will captivate readers. RateItAll shares 50% of the revenues generated via Google Adsense on that page with you. Additionally, when you create a list, you will earn revenue on all the pages created on that list.

How To Use RateItAll

As earlier mentioned, you have to be a registered member to rate anything or add anything to be rated on RateItAll. Once you are a member and wish to rate a particular thing, the next step is to find out if the item or service is already listed and this can be done either by typing in the search phrase using the search engine or looking through the category index and sieving through until you get to the particular category and specific thing for which you are searching.

Rating a thing is very easy and all it takes is using the ‘Rate It’ button which is colored green and available on list and item pages. You can find things to rate as earlier mentioned, by looking for it deliberately or browsing through newsfeed of other users especially those people whom you follow.

There are some very important tabs on the RateItAll website and you can use these to enjoy your user experience. These are the Me, Everyone and My Feed tabs. The Me tab is used to display all recent activities by you on RateItAll. The Everyone tab shows the activities by all other RateItAll members while the My Feed tab shows activities that reflect the preferences you have selected as well as friends’activities. You can easily set your preferences by using the gear icon.

Following people, topics and keywords is very important on RateItAll as these allow you to get the gist of what is happening on the website. Following people is as simple as clicking the Follow Me link on the person’s profile page while you can follow keywords by clicking on the gear icon then entering your desired keywords. When you wish to follow a particular topic, just click on the heart shaped icon on any of the category pages that you wish to follow. You can unfollow by clicking the gear icon.

Users can take compatibility quizzes to find out the other users who match them in terms of tastes. The tastes could be music, books, movies etc.