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Signing Up for Rankur

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If you want to manage your business reputation through an online platform then Rankur is the best option that you would settle for. gives businesses a stage to analyze and also monitor their online reputations. Once a comment is made in any of the listed languages that appear in site,the comment can be used in compiling the user’s Rankur analysis. What Rankur does is to monitor discussions about the user’s brand by analyzing the appearing comments to verify the topic that has been discussed the most depending on the question that the user posed. Therefore Rankur simply ensures that your business is aware of its customers view about it and also that any needed image control can be easily done.

How Do I Sign Up for Rankur?

Signing up for Rankur is in fact very simple. First you will have to open up the Rankur website in your internet browser. The website address for Rankur is If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see an advertisement section on the top most section of the page. While the adverts run to tell you more about Rankur, you will be able to see on the left corner at the bottom part of the advertisement section, a place labeled, “try us now – no credit card required.” This place is right on a cool blue section and stands alone at the larger part of this left side. It is so vividly placed you cannot miss it. The moment you are able to pin point this place, click onto it right away. Once you have clicked onto this section you will be lead immediately to a new page with a pop out screen in the middle of the page. The pop out screen has an empty form and a title “sign up.” To sign up to Rankur you will have to fill out this form that this pop up screen has provided you with. Therefore fill out this form appropriately with the required details. Beginning from the section labeled “your email.” Once you have identified this section, fill it out appropriately with your appropriate email address. This email address whether it is primary or secondary should be convenient for you. After this section has been filled out appropriately, fill in the next section that requires you to fill out your user name. This is the name that you will have decided to use on your registered account. The name could be a personal choice or simply part of your original name. The moment you are able to choose an appropriate name, choose a password that you intend to access your account with and fill it out on the section marked password right after the username that you have chosen. When you have counter checked every detail that you have given, click on the last part that is marked “sign up” on a blue canvas. The moment you click on to this section, the new page that pops out has thumb up sign and welcomes you to your already created Rankur account, with a “sign in” section. You are ready to enjoy the Rankur services.

Merits of Using Rankur

Once you sign up for Rankur, you will be able to generate your reports instantly. Rankur provides clear reports that are practicable to your business needs and avails them to you every second around the clock. This means that just in case the need arises for you to generate or consume the reports, they will always be readily available.

You will also be able to enjoy well tailored comprehensible reports. The quick understanding that you will be able to get from your reports will be due to the following services that Rankur offers. A diverse option for languages that are used in its site, Rankur has over 10 major languages to in which it can analyze and at the same time present data. The data is also presented to you in consumable categories. This is because Rankur will assist you to set the data into categories, such as date, gender, age, location, and language. These various search options and analytical characteristics are indeed helpful in breaking down this information.

Rankur will also be able to protect your brand, it will enhance the name of your business and in turn improve the overall performance of your business both online and also through the physical eye. This is because once a user searches through the web for your business reputation, or even your management’s personnel reputation the person may find it appropriate to identify with you due to your professional transparency.

Again with Rankur you can never miss a place for your business. Rankur has a well tailored membership plan that will ensure that you have a place for your company. From a free membership plan to a well laid out business plan, Rankur will ensure that your analytical tools, sentimental analysis, topic extractions and influence metrics are well all covered. The next chargeable packages range from, $14, $24 to an agency plan that costs up to $98 per month. In addition to that Rankur offers an unlimited plan that you may never be ready to shy away from.

The Main DifferenceWith great technological transformations, online reputation monitoring has become a household term. Many businesses have in fact discovered that the internet can indeed be a powerful marketing platform. Tolls like Rankur are many in the market today as the most peculiar ways of handling online reputation. However what makes Rankur to indeed remain different from its major competitors is that Rankur scan various review sites to enhance its data. In other words, Rankur does an extra job for you as it uses its unique topic extraction method to ensure that it every view gets down to you.

Rankur offers a broad membership scheme, a trend of the most discussed brands, alerts for negative content, multiple languages and well targeted queries. This just makes Rankur unique and best for your business.