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Radio Tuna – Agreggator of Thousands of Online Radio Stations to Listen to

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Music is an interesting thing. In that when we listen to the radio with music playing, it can help and assist us to enjoy other activities, be it driving the car or working on the computer. But if it is talk back radio, then we must stop other activity and commit our minds to listen to the speakers or it distracts us from our other activity and annoys us as noise. Similarly, we can have the TV on while we work at the computer, but it is just a noise; we cannot attend to both at the same time. Yet music compliments our lives and our mood ñ providing it is the style and type of music that we can resonate with. The internet has been a boon for radio because of the internetís ability to allow us to choose any narrow cast niche music style that we want. In the real world, governments limit how many broadcast licenses will be issued, and due to their scarcity, radio stations tend to be pushed into broad categories. You will have rock music channels, but there are not enough air wave frequencies available to cater for every niche style of rock music. That issue of not enough available frequencies plus the logistics costs of employing teams of people and maintaining all of transmission equipment and other overhead costs. And so you will have a rock music radio station, but no way could a Beetles rock station be sustained anywhere else but on the internet.

Hundreds of sub Categories of Musical Niches; Each with Hundreds of Radio Sations Available

With internet radio, every person in the world can tune into the same song at the same time. In the bricks and mortar world, only those people within a reasonable transmission distance can constitute a market place. So it is a matter of potential market size, as well as the overheads cost per listener that define what is possible; and the internet option has much greater power than physical radio equipment in the real world. Radio Tuna is one such internet radio business model that lends itself to success. It literally has hundreds of radio stations, each one so diverse and of a niche caliber. In fact it is an aggregator of all radio stations it can find and is willing to add to its aggregate list. It has thousands 0f radio stations, each accessible from the Radio Tuna web site. Creating an account is as simple as registering your user name, password and email address. After you have set your security question and confirmed the link sent to your email address, you will be automatically logged in. Down the left hand side, you will find a list of the main categories, which include Alternative Rock, Blues, Chilled, Classical, Country and Folk, Dance, Electronica, Funk and Soul, Hard Rock and Metal, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Rap and Hip Hop, Reggae and Dub, Rock and an Other section. But that is far from the list of categories, for under each one of them there is a list of about fifteen sub categories. And it is under each sub category that you will find hundreds of radio stations. To put this into context, you will not only find a radio station for Beetles Rock, you will find many radio stations each one dedicated to Beetles Rock.

Save Your Own Songs, Playlists, and Radio Stations in Your Account To Quickly Find them Again

Having your own account is not required, but with many thousands of stations available, and as you gradually move through such vast choices you can opt for, it makes sense to keep in your saved directory the links to the ones you like most of all. And then as you are in the mood for this or that music style and tempo, you can quickly put on that radio station that you are in the mood for. And further, when you hear any individual song that you are fond of, then you can click the save button on the right hand side to add that to your saved play list. It really is that simple to navigate the site and to build up a collection of what you really do want to listen to. In your ìMy Tunaî directory, you will find all your saved bookmarks, History and Tuna Charts, with switches to show them when you listened to them; either in the last hour, last day or last week.

Radio Tuna Has Simple to Use Controls, Simple to Find Your History

As you click on any station, the radio stationís song for that moment will automatically stream to your speakers. You then have the option to save that song, pause it and to control its volume from the control box on the right hand side. If you pause it, that song is not waiting for you; that is when you un-pause it the current song for that station will begin to play just like a bricks and mortar radio station does too. The quality of sound you hear will be determined by the quality of the speakers you have plugged into your computer, and make no doubt; Radio Tuna is a great reason to upgrade your speakers for more enjoyable listening. Radio Tuna is further evidence of the conversion of the three mega technologies of computers, TV and telephones. Just as radio has almost evaporated as an entertainment vlue in the new millennium in the real world except for when driving, the Internet has brought back the convenience of radio for when sitting at the computer and more many people for when they are sleeping too. If you are ever thinking about setting up your own radio station, you would be very wise to submit your new radio station to Radio Tuna so as to get included in their radio station index and exposed to the millions of people constantly searching for the best niche music style they want to become a loyal listener to.