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Writing Professional Proposals Using Quoteroller

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Ever tried to write proposals within a short timeframe but fallen short of the highly professional output? Quoteroller is an online service that helps you create very professional and highly convincing proposals within minutes. This simply solves problems for individuals and companies who, by the nature of their businesses, are expected to submit a lot of proposals and sometimes, almost on-demand. Quoteroller has the distinction of having clients numbering over 25,000 in over 100 countries globally while the financial value of the deals won by its clients while using the service currently tops $390 million.

Signing Up to Use Quoteroller

The sign-up process on Quoteroller is no different from the proposal writing process itself in terms of smartness and brevity of procedure to ensure swift yet professional output. All you need to do is navigate to the website, Pasting the address directly into your browser address bar also works perfectly well. When you get to the homepage on the website, all you need to do is click on the tab that says ‘Try Quote Roller FREE’ and you will be taken to the Sign-Up page. There is a very simple and straightforward sign-up form provided that with minimal information requirements including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Company Name
  • Phone
  • Number of Company Staff Dealing With Proposals

Once you are done with filling the information required, simply hit the ‘Sign-Up’ button at the bottom of the form.

Features Enjoyed Using Quoteroller

Quoteroller has a lot of excellent features that makes it stand out and yield optimum value to its clients globally. These features include the following:

  • In-Proposal Analytics: Having mailed your proposals to your client, you do not need to be in the dark about whether or not they have opened and read it and various other actions that may have taken. Quoteroller’s analytics allows you to be notified when your client opens your proposal, the amount of time spent on the pricing page and if/when they have visited the portfolio section. By providing these data and analyzing them for you, it becomes possible for you to tweak your proposals to become more effective, take effective follow-up actions and enhance your win rate.
  • Online Editor: This feature provides you with superb actions that all add up to make your proposal excellent and highly professional. These include reusable blocks of content contained in an extensive library, a pricing table with flexible and optional items, a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to copy, paste, alter and add content.
  • In-Proposal Value-Added Features: Quoteroller proposals may either be web or PDF. The online version has quite a lot of built in features including videos, flash and picture galleries among others. These are much easier and in addition to the digital signature embedded, it is much easier to track and analyze.
  • Dashboard: This dashboard is where a lot of control is placed in your hands over your proposal as you are able to track its performance in terms of open rate, real-time analytics as well as business activities planning. How many proposals you have sent out and just how well they are doing individually and collectively among other metrics become possible with the Quoteroller dashboard.

Costs Involved In Using Quoteroller

Quoteroller has two pricing models; Monthly and Annual. The monthly pricing allows you to be billed on a monthly basis but at a higher rate while the Annual pricing allows you to pay a lump sum upfront covering the period of 12 months.

One important pricing feature that Quoteroller possesses is that users are not even required to enter their credit card details until after the expiration of their 14 day trial period. This certainly allows adequate time for assessing the service and determining whether or not to proceed with paid subscription. All Quoteroller packages provides users with opportunity to create an unlimited number of proposals but have limitations on available features based on the price value of the selected package.

Quoteroller has four price packages which are calculated based on the monthly or annual pricing model. They are as follows:

  • Basic: Suitable for individuals such as freelance professionals as well as companies in the small scale bracket, this package costs $14.99 and $ for the monthly and annual pricing models respectively. You can insert your E-signature and statistics are available to you.
  • Professional: Well suited for teams of workers in a company, this package costs $19.99 the monthly pricing model. Available features include E-signature, content library access, statistics as well as analytics. It is the package most recommended as possessing the best value on an average basis.
  • Enterprise: Suitable for big companies, this package costs $29.99 for the monthly pricing model. Available features include E-signature, content library access, statistics as well as analytics. Clients also get a dedicated account manager, live support via chat, custom domain branding and permissions.
  • Teams: Touted as the best deal available among all four packages, this is well suited for a team of up to 8 workers in a company. The package costs $139 for the monthly pricing model. Available features include E-signature, content library access, statistics as well as analytics. Clients also get a dedicated account manager, live support via chat, custom domain branding and permissions.

Benefits of Using Quoteroller

Quoteroller provides excellent benefits to its users including the following:

  • Costs Savings: Quoteroller makes it easy for you to calculate your monthly saving when you use the service. The service saves clients an average of 2 hours per proposal. So, based on the average per hour rate of a salesman in the US which is $54, a single proposal a month would save a salesman the sum of $108. This amount increases with the number of proposals you write so, if you write five proposals, you save $270 per month.
  • Time Saving: Quoteroller comes with an extensive library of proposal templates thus making it easy for you to save time normally spent doing research.
  • Increases Proposal Win Rates: Quoteroller clients have registered and average proposal win rate of 28% percent.
  • Seamless Integration With Popular Apps: Quoteroller is integrated with many of the popular apps available including Freshbooks, Highrise, AffinityLive among many others.