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Some people have a natural ability to organize and throw the greatest parties including all the catering requirements, sending invitations and confirming guest numbers before the event and making sure that everything that is needed for the party to be a great hit is on hand so that it all goes off as a memorable occasion. The rest of us perhaps wish we had the talent for such organization and catering; yet most of know we have less skill than is necessary. Certainly women tend to have a much higher level of skill and an eye for detail. We men tend to be doing well just to remember to turn up and can be particularly proud of ourselves if we do turn up on time and on the right day. But having said all of that, the fact is that the very best of us can and do benefit from having third party input into what will and wonít work and to have the tools necessary to be organized is a major bonus. And such a web site has been built to help even the professional be totally under control with all aspects of the arrangements needed to pull off the most memorable event; all be it for only the most affluent of user groups without budgeting problems.

Even the Best Organisers of Celebrations Benefit from Punch Bowl

Punch Bowl as an online software as a service web site is all about party planning, with a particular focus on you being able to one stop purchase all the things you need for the most formal occasions. The term is originally a Hindu term for a drink maybe in India from five different spices, teas, spirits, water and sugar. And when it was taken back to England, it took on a wider meaning for a bowl of a mixed drink concoction, often very potent for its alcohol content and has since swept the world as the center piece drink for parties and celebrations. The Punch Bowl web site business is consistent with this history in the sense of it being the anchor or center piece of all the organizational requirements for a successful celebration, and be very clear that the owners and promoters of the site fully intend for you to make expensive purchase of fancy items on the basis that some how they will make your event ever more successful depending on how much you spend. The backbone of the Punch Bowl service is their party planning platform from which registered users attend to all the things from sending the invitations, managing the acceptances, sending reminders to attend just as a beginning to the planning process. And to complete the range of these stages for the service, Punch Bowl will send thank you cards after the event. In fact they have a very successful greeting card service as party of their total operations.

Free Registration and Easy to USe

Registering is simple to do; trust me they want you on their mail list for future marketing by them. But its range of features make it very worthwhile to register with them. One of the first things for you to embrace is ìwhenî to hold your planned event, and Punch Bowl makes this easy by enabling you to message key participants for their ideas on when and where to hold the event. And so from your one account, you are able to reach out to others to gain their consensus on the venue and date to be finally agreed on. After that has been decided, invitations can be sent but in fact there is much more functionality you should make use of first. By all means send out a pre-invitation that the Punch Bowl people call a ìsave this dateî message; which is to be later confirmed with the official email invitation. And rather than manually enter all the invitees, the Punch Bowl web site has a very easy to use email import function so that you can quickly import those people you intend to invite and involve in the celebration.

Manage RSVPs, Invitations, Thank You Cards, and Who is Bringing What

Potluck is an interesting feature in that you can put the word out that people are to bring their own dishes, refreshments or other items to the party, and with this feature all invitees are able to reply back with what they are confirming they will bring with them. And so perhaps you have a master list of what is needed, and each user effectively ticks off this list what they are putting their own name down for. Related to this concept but actually very different is the old gift registry idea where people can nominate perhaps from a list of what is wanted the gifts each person is agreeing to bring. Another very cool feature is how you can share invitations to include those people the organizer does not have email addresses for. The idea is that others invited are able to share the invitation on Twitter, FaceBook and other social networks with their contacts so that no one who is wanted there misses out on hearing about the event.

One Interface to Deal With Everything for the Best Party

The Punch Bowl web site is a social network in its own right with invited people being able to use its message board to chat with other people who are coming along. And this can also be for the post event side of things where people can share their memories of the event, with photographs and stories. Of course functions do cost money, and some of them cost a lot of money and so there is the tool available for people to contribute to the cost of supplies. Equally true is that functions often need a wide range of supplies and perhaps decorations, and these can be purchased from the Punch Bowl shop; which of course they do hope for. And finally, people can vote on their favorite cocktails that should be offered at the event.