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Prezly Review

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Prezly is an online service that offers press release publication and distribution services. Prezly takes the different but finest tools that Press Release companies use and seamlessly harmonizes them in a one streamlined platform that is put in place to simply assist you instead. The Press Release functionalities that Prezly uses are among them, file uploads, video embedding, domain mapping, themes, translations, and URL. Therefore Prezly ensures that you can pay attention to the important information that you have and distribute them to the right audience. Prezly is just a simple Press Release toolkit that you and your target audience can use.

How do I sign up for Prezly?

Signing up for Prezly is remarkably easy. First you will have to open up the Prezly website in your internet browser. The website address for Prezly is If you are unable to click on the link to access the Prezly website, simply copy and paste the link into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL and again press “Enter”. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see at the top right corner a tab “Get me started” click on the tab and it will immediately lead you to a new page with a form that you will fill out with your details. The page that is titled “try the full 15 day free trial now” will contain these requirements, a section to fill in your first name, followed by your last name, your work email address, your password, and your company name. Also you simply scroll down the website home page to find a place labeled “Sign up now” it is so open and on a light blue background you can’t miss it. In fact they are three in number on the website home page. Once you find any, click on it, it will lead you to the same page “try the full 15 day free trial now” with the same form to fill. Ensure that you fill out this form appropriately as these details will form the basic details of your account system. When you are done, click on the tab below this form “create account.” Once you click on this, you will have just finished signing up for Prezly. It is that simple.

How Prezly Works

However to get you started on Prezly, you will still have to log in and upgrade your account. Once you log in as a new user with Prezly, you will be led to a new webpage for “get started” once here, click on the links given to upgrade your account for use. To begin with, click on the top most link “set up press room” once you click on it, you will be led straight to a new page with a very short form to fill out. The page is titled “create press room” in green color. Fill the form with your company name and your desires URL. Click on the blue tab right beneath that form “create press room” immediately you have done this and you have been redirected to a new page, click on the company link that you have just been accorded. You will find it at the top of the web page but below the menu bar right under the subtitle “configure the press room of (the company name) when you do this another window will open. This window will show you exactly how Prezly works so click on the link “publish press release” to know hoe Prezly will assist you in creating a press release. With this knowledge at the back of your mind, get back to your original window at and click on the menu then click on the link “create press releases” at immediately you do that, you will find a form. This form is typically meant for creating a press release. Therefore fill out the form appropriately in every section to create your first press release. Fill out the following as per order, headline of the press release, sub title of the press release, upload an image that represents your release, put a header image, include an intro, add also, text, image, videos, and any other necessary links, attachments, or contacts. When you are done, move to the right hand margin of the website page and choose to save as draft, share with the public, or not to share with the public, and lastly publish. If you chose to publish, your press release will be published and you will have started to use the Prezly platform. Remember Prezly services are only free within the first 15days, after that if you choose to use Prezly you will have to subscribe to any of their packages.

Merits of Using Prezly

When you sign up for Prezly, you will be able to embed videos from sites such as Vimeo and You Tube , this will allow your users to view tweets, feedbacks, and blogs, by reffering to their press release in order to find the social media through which the content was received and how it was received.

You will also be able to send summaries of press releases to various inboxes or email contacts. And since Prezly integrates with your website effectively, you will be able to maintain a press room with their domain name, while building great Press Releases and sharing them through Twitter, Facebook or blogs.


Unlike other online toolkits, Prezly stands out as it simplifies the process of building and distributing well presented effective press releases. It also affords a platform for users with little knowledge or experience to create appealing and aesthetic press releases that includes, video content and images. And that is not all that Prezly stands out for, as it also provides an opportunity for its users to monitor the success of their online marketing strategies through well presented data and greatly categorized analytical features that it offers.

Prezly therefore assists in tailoring simple, effective, and easy to consume Press Releases, giving everybody a chance to have their Press Releases to reach the right audience and their information to get extremely viral any time that they are released.