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Pressitt Review

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Pressitt is a user-friendly Social Media News Release (SMNR) service. Pressitt helps to bring your news to reality with a simple and spontaneous SMNR design process that allows you to add body text, core facts, YouTube videos, images, documents, relevant links, quotes, tags and press contacts to your Social Media News Release. In short Pressitt simply helps to generate, issue, and share your news to an online, socially connected audience.

How do I sign up for Pressitt?

Signing up for Pressitt is extremely easy. First you will have to open up the Pressitt website in your internet browser. The Pressitt website page can be accessed through this link . So by clicking on this link or copying it and then pasting it in your URL and pressing “ENTER” you can easily access the Pressitt page. Better still if that does not work you can simply type the address in to your URL and again press the “ENTER” key. Once you have done this you will see immediately that there is an option to create a free account if you are new. To be specific, at the menu bar of the web page, it reads “free registration” click on it. It is the third grid on the menu bar after” home,” and “about us” page. When you click on it, it will lead you to a page with a form that will require you to fill in various options.

Start from the top with the two small boxes that allows you to check if you have the worldwide distribution rights, and if the material that you are about to publish is free of explicit adult content or alcoholism and other categories that have been noted. Next move to the part labeled “user details” here fill in the blank boxes that follow under it. Your contact name, email address, password and then confirm the password that you have used. From here get to the next part titled company details, choose the sector in which your company belongs to. Click on the most appropriate sector among the ones listed. If it is PR, Marketing or Public Sector, choose accordingly. After the company sector, fill in your company name. The next step is for you to insert the security check. Fill in the digits that you view in that box and then get to the next title of terms and conditions. If unsure of terms and conditions, please click on the blue line just under the title to view the terms and conditions. If certain of what Pressitt entails then check the small box to show that you have read the terms and conditions. This also shows that you are aware of any repercussions should you abhor any of those terms and conditions. Having filled in this form well and ensured that all parts are fully filled, click on the blue box marked “register” right after the terms and conditions box that you just checked. With that done you will have successfully registered for the Pressitt account.

At you will receive a message that confirms your successful registration and an instruction to check your email address for information needed to activate your account. Checking your email account for this information is very vital. This is because it is the main information that you will use to access your account and also to create your Social Media News Release (SMNR) service. Therefore it is also an integral part in acquiring a great Pressitt account.

Merits of Pressitt

The benefits of Pressitt are so many. Highlighted basically on its features, Pressitt will ultimately appeal to you. To begin with your SMNR will be given a visible brand logo and a prominent headline with an acute summary. You will be given an option to add more information on your release. This will allow the information you give to be adequate, accurate and satisfactory to both the readers and Pressitt standards.

An option for core facts will also be granted to you to allow you highlight some of the most important point about your SMNR. This will allow bloggers to skim read for key points of the information and give accurate feedbacks. You will also be able to add YouTube videos to support your release, up to 8 images on your SMNR, four documents in any basic format such as PDF, Excel, PPT, and word, again to support the release. And that is not all you will also be able to add many quotes as possible from various experts to enhance your news.

Finally you will be accorded with a company boiler-plate. This part is basically more important as it will definitely help in over viewing your brand. In addition its introduction and more information areas, can all link to external websites which will grant your brand and release great Search Engine Optimization visibility.

Of importance to note also is that Pressitt features are very unique and do not end there. There are other specific features that can in turn still prove very vital to you as user. The header always has a release date and an option to print the page. This proves freshness of the SMNR and gives satisfaction to the user who desires to print the page for future reference. Probably at their own convenience and also each brand is given its own RSS feed. This will allow direct links to flow from either direction of search engines, due to that your release will be able to get viral very fast and receive adequate feedback.

There will be social media as contact options, and highlighted icons to provide a wider view of the brand. Previous releases are also highlighted in the SMNR to build a picture of your most recent activities. Your release is given up to three RSS enabled categories and an option to tag your release with key words to help your SMNR to be found again.

Finally a great benefit is that when your release has been read the viewer has an option to share, book mark or leaves a comment. This helps to provide leverage and reviews that will help you to improve on your brand effectively.

Pressitt is just a click away so start on the web and get viral. With Pressitt you are sure to be heard.