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Stylish Online Shopping with Polyvore

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With the number of online shops that crowds the web nowadays, Polyvore attracts shoppers by a reinvented form of online shopping. Polyvore is basically an online shop where you could not just shop but also create collage-like “sets” of your fashion, beauty, and home styling ideas that could become the hottest trends someday. That would depend on the number of “likes” you get from your followers. Shoppers get to follow each other and check out each other’s collections and collage sets. You could even join contests by making collage sets that would best showcase the theme or topic given. Polyvore is not just an online shop but it is also the web’s largest community of trend makers where everyone could have the chance to express their style and set trends worldwide.

How do I sign up for a Polyvore account?

Registering for Polyvore is very quick and easy. The first thing that you will have to do is to open the Polyvore site in your internet browser. The website address for Polyvore is If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your browser’s URL bar and press Enter, or you can simply type this address in the URL bar. Once you’ve opened the site, you will immediately see an option whether to sign up with Facebook or to sign up with email. You will have to chose between this two and then click onto your choice.

If you choose to sign up with Facebook, a dialog box asking you to add Polyvore to your Facebook timeline will emerge. By clicking “Try It Out”, your newly made Polyvore account would then come into view.

On the other hand, if you choose to sign up with email, a box that you would have to fill in would appear in the middle of the screen. You only need to provide your current email address and a password of your choice, and click the box to agree with the terms and condition. But before clicking that box, you may want to actually read the terms and conditions to see if you really agree with everything in it. If you find the conditions satisfactory, continue by clicking “Create Account”. Your newly made Polyvore account would then appear and you could instantly start shopping and creating. An welcome email would also be sent to the email address you provided and no email confirmation would be necessary to finish your registration. Still, you should take note that though no email confirmation is needed to complete your Polyvore registration, providing an existing and current email address is still necessary so you would be able access your account even if you forget your password. To avoid this in the first place, make sure that you could easily remember your password and at the same time, it should also be something that other people won’t easily guess. So you better think about this carefully.

Costs involved

Signing up for an account is free so what would you lose by trying it out?

When you register for Polyvore, you could do everything you could find on the options free of charge. A few of it are the following:

  • Explore top sets for fashion, beauty, and home
  • Explore top items for fashion, beauty, and home
  • Create Collages, Templates, and Collections
  • Follow other Polyvore accounts
  • Gain followers
  • Like other’s collage sets
  • Like shop items
  • Add shop items to your Collections
  • Join contests
  • Shop

You could actually be the next trendsetter without spending a penny in Polyvore. Except of course when you actually shop, you would have to pay for whatever your items are worth of. The prices are pretty reasonable and they are automatically converted to the currency of your location. Efficient, right?

Creating Sets, Templates, and Collections

To create a “set”, you would first need to be logged in to your Polyvore account. You would then need to mouse over the Create option and click Set. An editor page would then open. It’s really easy to understand and you could think of it like a simple, collage editor. On the right-hand side, you would see an option for all the items both for fashion and home, as well as your Collections. You could then start mix and matching items that you believe could have the potential to be the next trend or you could simply make a collage of an outfit idea. You could also add some background, frames, or texts to your work. Collections also help creating sets easier because you won’t have to flick over all the items and test if they work well together since you had sorted them out beforehand.

Collections provide an easy way to organize your favorite sets and items. To create a new collection, mouse over Create and click Collection. This will bring you to the collection editor nd you could start editing and organizing your items and sets. Once you’re done, don’t forget to click Publish to save and share your collection.

You could also add items from the shop to your collection. So if, for example, you find a cute dress that would be greatly matched with trendy footwear for a summer party, then you could click the link for add to collection, which is usually found on top of the item. A dialog box which you should fill in will then appear in the center of the screen. You would need to provide a Collection Title (i.e. Summer Party Outfit) and you could optionally add a Description and a Caption. If you have an existing collection where that item could belong then you could just select to add to that collection. When all is done, you could then click Publish to save and share your ideas.

On the other hand, making a template is much more like making sets but you could also add placeholders. Templates are actually pre-made patterns with blank spaces for you to fill. It makes making sets easier especially one with a similar theme to an existing set of yours. You could just then fill the spaces with whatever you want.

Polyvore is actually very straightforward and easy to access and use. It won’t take long for someone to figure it out. This site gives everyone the chance not just to discover the hottest brands, products, trends, and looks, but as well as give them the chance to express their own ideas and style, and maybe make the next worldwide trend.