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Engage Your Live Audience Using PollEverywhere

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Keeping an audience well entertained and engaged could be a very daunting task for any presenter and this could be just about any audience. The reason is simple; regardless of the subject matter, at some point, people start getting tired and their minds may begin to drift. This combination of physical tiredness and tendency for the mind to get distracted typically takes its toll on the presentation, resulting in less than optimal output. The fact is, a presentation may be very brilliant but it still requires some input that stimulates audience participation. While some may try simple methods such as asking for a show of hands or ask a member of the audience to come onstage, these are not very accurate and certainly do not engage the entire audience. As learning outcomes in seminars, trainings, classrooms and other environments get more demanding, it has also become even more imperative that presenters, lecturers, trainers and other professionals adopt methods which ensure that their audiences are on the same page and enjoy every single bit of the learning process. The existence of a platform that leverages cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking methodology in managing audience engagement would be a massive boost for guaranteeing excellent results during large events; educational, professional and entertainment among many others.

PollEverywhere is a market leader in the audience engagement space. The platform has a mission to infuse interactive features into realtime presentation thus making them more captivating. By leveraging mobile device technology, PollEverywhere is able to create realtime experiences during live events. The platform holds the distinction of being the inventors of the technology that supports the world’s first audience response tool for mobile devices. Versatility is one PollEverywhere’s most dominant attributes as the platform is adaptable for use for various events and scenarios. PollEverywhere also boasts of about 40% of Fortune 1000 companies making use of the platform for diverse purposes ranging from trainings, tradeshows and sales demos to presentations. This is in addition to more than 100,000 educators globally who make use of the platform for teaching purposes.

How to Use PollEverywhere

Using PollEverywhere is very simple despite its ingenuity and cutting-edge technology. There are three major steps involved:

  • Step 1: Ask a Question:- Using the poll creator provided on the platform, a user types the questions he desired to ask then selects the kind of poll he would like to make. If there is any customization desired, there are provision for that, after which he can complete by simply pressing ‘Create’. There is a wide variety of poll types available on PollEverywhere and these include Multiple Choice Poll, Free Response Poll, True or False Poll, Clickable Images Poll and Discourse Poll. Additionally, there are other features with which PollEverywhere enables users to further enhance their polls and these include the use of formulas via LeTax Syntax, Image responses and foreign language support.
  • Step 2: Participants Respond: PollEverywhere has a variety of voting options and users can use the one that best suits their event. These include SMS text voting which work with any kind of phone. The web voting option can be used on any web browser and presents one of the most elegant voting methods on the platform. The platform also allows users to customize the poll experience by using their brand colors and other features.
  • Step 3: Realtime, Live Results: After the voting by the audience, the results will be displayed and this is done in a variety of ways which will captivate the audience. The results may be viewed via a number of means and these include the platform’s website, MS Powerpoint or Keynote as well as the user’s website. The platform’s website offers the swiftest and easiest means of viewing the results and all the user needs to do is enable the fullscreen mode so the audience can view the results fully. PollEverywhere also enables users to display the poll results as a part of their Powerpoint presentation by using its PollEv Presenter App. People can also see the poll via a link which can be embedded on the user’s website, Facebook page, Twitter etc.

Signing Up to Use PollEverywhere

PollEverywhere makes its sign-up process short and very simple. All the intending user needs to to is get to the website homepage at and locate the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top-right side of the page then click on it. This opens the sign-up page which has a form containing four fields and some other options. The required details include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password

After filling in the required details, check the box beneath the form if you are an educator but if not, leave it unchecked. There is a list of countries from which people can text for the poll and you need to select the applicable country then check the box beneath to indicate your agreement to the platform’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Complete the process by clicking the sign-up button.

Costs of Using PollEverywhere

PollEverywhere has a FREE plan as well as five paid subscription plans. The platform’s business and non-profit plans include the following:

  • Free: This is free of charge. It allows 40 responses per poll and just 1 multiple account user. Support for this plan is provided online.
  • Personal: This costs $15/month. A maximum of 50 responses per poll is permitted along with 1 multiple account user. Support for this plan is provided via email.
  • Presenter: This costs $65/month. A maximum of 250 responses per poll is permitted along with 2 multiple account users. Moderation, custom keywords, grading and ranking are enabled within this plan and support is provided via email.
  • Plenary: This costs $140/month. A maximum of 700 responses per poll is permitted along with 4 multiple account users. Moderation, custom keywords, grading and ranking are enabled within this plan and support is provided via phone.
  • Conference: This costs $375/month. A maximum of 2500 responses per poll is permitted along with 8 multiple account users. Moderation, custom keywords, grading and ranking are enabled within this plan and support is provided via an account manager.
  • Enterprise: This costs $1400+/month. The number of responses per poll and multiple account users are customized . Moderation, custom keywords, grading and ranking as well as team competition are enabled within this plan and support is provided via an account manager 24/7.