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Drive Great Sales & Customer Relationships By Using PipelineDeals

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Customer Relationship Management has definitely moved beyond being manual to full automation as well as software-based. However, this shift alone does not and indeed, has not guaranteed better output and higher productivity. Most CRM applications suffer from lack of use and resultant inability to optimize investment in its purchase due to the complications in design and build. Fact is, most CRM solutions are redundant. PipelineDeals offers a different solution. PipelineDeals is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software that is designed to engage the user thus encourage use. Being used is a first step and this is dependent on the perspective from which it was designed with PipelineDeals placing the company and its sales teams firmly in the driving seat. As a solution built for them and with them as the anchor, simplicity is guaranteed while usage is certain.

PipelineDeals has become the toast of many companies globally, having recorded more than 3,000 companies in its client base since inception in 2006. The companies that have keyed into and benefited from PipelineDeals’ fantastic offering cover the broad spectrum in term of company size and structure. They include companies in the small business segment all the way to major companies including Kaplan, Sodexo, Orkin and Manpower among others.

How To Sign Up To Use PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals makes signing up extremely easy and when you sign up, you get to use the software for 30 days, free. When you get to the homepage at, right there at eye level is an invitation for you to take advantage of the free 30 days trial and a form is stylishly embedded in the design. All you need to do is enter the requested details including your Email, First Name, Last Name and Password. Once you have done that, simply click the ‘Create My Free Account’ button beneath the form. Alternatively, you will find a ‘Try It Free’ link at the top of the page an clicking the link will take you to the Sign Up page where you have a form with the same details requested. Fill it and click same button.

Cost of Using PipelineDeals

Unlike some other websites that structure price packages in multiple layers, PipelineDeals makes it very easy by adopting a single price for all. For only $24/user per month businesses can subscribe and enjoy all the same benefits including monthly contracts, transparent billing, free mobile access, high-grade security, unlimited data storage, Google Apps integration as well as open API for software developers. PipelineDeals also allows companies to add or remove users whenever they wish.

Benefits of Using PipelineDeals

As earlier mentioned, PipelineDeals already has over 3,000 clients who have use and attested to the benefits of the software. These clients have also been a part of the process of streamlining the software for even better results as PipelineDeals has a robust feedback system embedded. Here is a high-level summary of the benefits businesses have been enjoying from using PipelineDeals:

  • Emphatic Boost in Sales: One key goal of a great CRM solution is to make the sales teams far more nimble and agile. That way, they can move fast and achieve more. PipelineDeals incorporates features that ensures businesses become faster than their competition.
  • Swift Implementation: PipelineDeals makes it totally unnecessary for you to hire external consultants or spend hours on the phone with vendors in order to configure your CRM solution. That is not the PipelineDeals model as its configuration process is set up to be completed within a few minutes. This does not mean that there are scanty functionalities, rather it is an indication of the powerful streamlining that has been done by PipelineDeals to ease pains typically suffered by businesses when either deploying or changing CRM solutions. A few tasks include assignment of sales teams roles as well as setting up colors and branding to reflect the company’s identity. Customizing the solution by creating deal stages that reflect the internal processes at the company. Others include person tags, to-do templates, various statuses and activity categories among others.
  • Superior Performance: A direct comparison with a direct competitor such as Salesforce highlights the potency of PipelineDeals features and its ability to enhance productivity. Apart from the deployment timeframe which is minutes for PipelineDeals against weeks to months for Salesforce, there are other differences that place PipelineDeals apart and ahead. There is a flexible pricing offered by PipelineDeals as opposed to the minimum one year contract demanded by Salesforce. Salesforce charges extra for mobile access while PipelineDeals charges nothing and where Salesforce has capped data storage per user or group, PipelineDeals offers unlimited data storage. There are of course, more differentiating features offered by PipelineDeals that makes it an ideal choice.

Features of PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals has many amazing features that make CRM very easy and even a pleasant task. Here are some of the features built into the solution:

  • Powerful Visualization: PipelineDeals provides very graphic images in 3D via the sales dashboard so as to make sales pipeline metrics very easy to view and understand. There are seven charts from which to choose and all these are visible on the individual PipelineDeals homepages.
  • Morning Coffee Report: Prior day’s reports are sent to each client via email early each morning and these snapshots give a very succinct picture of the latest pipeline numbers.
  • Central Location for Each Deal’s Details: There is a specific page created for each deal set up in PipelineDeals. There are enough data fields including 12 standards and 25 custom fields. These, in combination with other vital data such as deal activities, people, tasks and events ensure that teams can track progress easily and accurately.
  • Realtime Updates: Each deal has its details being updated in realtime and visible on the PipelineDeals homepage. To see further details, simply click on any item and navigate to the specific page for that deal in order to get all necessary details.