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Things to Know About Using Pinterest

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For decades, people love using bookmarks simply because they are very useful for keeping track of specific pages in books, encyclopedias, magazines and other printed materials. We even use bookmarks on our own browsers to keep track of websites or pages we want to keep. Pinterest works just the same way, only better. Imagine that all those bookmarks you’ve used in the past can be found in one place and organized according to your own liking.

For people who are sick and tired of posts on Facebook and other social media that have little or no significant meaning or use to them, Pinterest is the place to be. It allows you to bookmark everything you love around the web using pictures, so you can easily go back to view the site it came from when you want to learn more. It provides one place to save everything interesting to you, such as travel ideas, hobbies, recipes, adventures, DIYs and other creative ideas around the web. Not only that, you can also see what other people with similar interests have pinned or bookmarked.

This article will show you practical ways and concrete examples of using the Pinterest functionality. We’ll also look into getting organized to save time and energy when planning actual events or activities for the future. Believe me, people have done this several times, many somewhat unknowingly. This system works like a gem, so let’s get started!

Begin by asking yourself what you are interested in. What do you want to know? What do you need to do in the future that needs planning? Is there anything in particular that you find entertaining? Do you need to research about certain ideas?

Let’s take a look at a few real-life examples.

  • A guy who loves cars and motorcycles
  • A busy mom looking for easy and quick cooking recipes
  • A sports enthusiast looking to better himself at the sport he loves
  • A couple planning their wedding
  • A group of friends organizing a coming reunion
  • Someone looking for business or career prospects

Once you have identified what you want, create a board for each category and start pinning away. But before you do so, here are all the basic tricks to help you pin like a pro:

How to create your pins on Pinterest:

Using the search bar at the top of the page, enter the keywords you wish to find. Next, mouse over the images of useful articles, then click on the “Pin it” button.

If you haven’t already, assign it to a category called board. You can make one on the spot.

You will then see the option to keep the board public or secret and to create the board.

Once you have created the board, you can keep searching for more articles and pinning as many as you like.

To view the pins, go to your profile by clicking on your name at the top of the page. Your boards will then be displayed with the pins you have created.

How to create a board:

There are two ways in which to create boards to keep track of your favorite stuff. The first way, as shown previously, is to make the boards as you find any articles you want to pin. You can also do this the other way around, by creating your boards before you start pinning.

To do this, open your profile by clicking on your name at the top right corner of Pinterest. You will find two options: “create a board” and “create a secret board”. Secret boards allow you to hide your pins from the public and assign specific people that can view them. For the previous example, I opted to keep any wedding plans a secret. We don’t want any false alarms.

After selecting which board you want to make, fill up the fields with the board name, description, and category. You can also add collaborators who can pin items on the board too. When ready, hit the create button. Once it has been created, you’ll be able to pin items to that board, add more people or edit its details.

Managing your boards and pins:

Should you wish to edit your board, all you need to do is go back to your profile and hit the edit button of the board you want to manage. You may also open the board first and click the edit button from there. It should open a pop-up for you to edit the board name, description, category, cover photo and to make a secret board public (but you can’t make a public board secret). Just be sure to hit the save button after any changes.

You may also delete the board using the delete board button, but take note that all its pins will also be deleted permanently.

To rearrange the boards, view your profile first then just and drag and drop the boards in their right places.

If you happened to pin an item on the wrong board, you may move it to the right board using any of two options. The first option allows you to move individual pins while the other lets you move multiple pins at once.

The example above shows a hiking article pinned in the Cars & Motorbikes board. As shown below, it has been moved to the right board by clicking the pen icon, selecting “My Sports” on the board dropdown menu and clicking the save button.

Let’s move on to the world wide web and answer this important question: How do you pin articles outside of the Pinterest website? Drives you mad, doesn’t it? I know how it feels.

Search engines have served their purpose really well, so don’t limit yourself to the search results on Pinterest.

You can pin web pages manually or automatically (using the Pinterest app).

To add a pin manually, go to your profile page, open a board and click on the “Add a Pin” box. Next, select the web as your source and then copy and paste the link to the article you wish to pin. It will then ask you to select a cover image. Lastly, select the board you’d like to pin it in.

That process can get a bit tedious when adding many pins from the web. The quicker option solves this problem, but you’ll need to install the Pinterest app which gives you a button on your browser. You can find the option to install the app when you click on the “Add a Pin” box.

Once installed, pinning a page on the web is as easy as clicking the “Pin it” button which appears when you mouse over an image, and selecting the right board.

Pinterest was created to give you the power to decide what you want to see when you log into your account, just like the people in our examples at the beginning of this article:

For whatever purpose, from hobbies to the more serious projects you’re looking to accomplish, you now have an easy way to gather ideas, save time, get organized and collaborate with others.

Hope you find this helpful. Don’t forget to pin this page so you can easily review any tips found in this article.