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Things to Know About Using Pinterest

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Pinterest is like an online pin board where you share your thoughts and feelings on topics that are important to you. Share what really matters to you quickly and easily with others on the internet using Pinterest.

Getting started with Pinterest

There are some very easy steps that you can follow if you want to get involved with Pinterest.

  • The first step is to visit, the homepage of Pinterest. If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and press Enter.
  • If you have an account, the “Sign in”. If you don’t have an account you will have to “Request an invite” on the homepage. This is found next to the “Sign in” option and is bright red so you shouldn’t miss it.
  • You will be prompted to enter your email address. Enter it and then check your email over the next day or so. Soon you should receive a confirmation email from the website.
  • Once you have done this you will receive an email notification at the email address that you specified during the sign up process. Click on this link. If you are unable to click on the link simply copy and paste it into the URL.
  • When you click on this link you will be taken to a login page. You can login using Facebook or Twitter. At this point you will need to create a password to be associated with your account. Remember that the password you choose should be something that is easy for you to remember. At the same time it should also be something that other people will not easily be able to guess. Think about this carefully.
  • This will bring up a bunch of images. Look through them to find the ones that appeal to you. Click on the ones that you think are interesting. Select them. Once you have finished selecting all of the appealing items, click on “Follow people”. This will allow you to start using Pinterest properly.
  • You will then automatically start following people who Pinterest thinks that you will like. Look through them. Remember that if you don’t approve of some of the ‘matches’ that Pinterest makes for you, you can always opt to unfollow certain people at a later stage.

Using pinboards on Pinterest

One of the main functions of Pinterest is to allow you to create pinboards on topics that you like. There are a few easy steps that you can follow in order to achieve this.

  • Type the tiles of pinboards that you would like to create into the given fields. Pinterest will generate a list of pinboard titles that they think you will be interested in. Feel free to make use of those pinboard ideas, r to enter some of your own ideas.
  • A good way to start choosing pinboards is to click on the names of people you are following and to find out what kind of pinboards they have going on. You may get some really good ideas by doing this. The people you follow depend on the interests that you indicated when you were getting started, so you are likely to find that the people you are following have a lot in common with you and therefore a lot of pinboards that you may be interested in.
  • You don’t have to stick just to the pinboards of the people who you are following. There is a search bar at the top of the page, and if you click in this bar you will be able to type in a query/ press “Enter”. Click on “boards” at the top of the page and find any topics you are interested in. When you do, click “Follow”.
  • To repin a pinboard form another person’s page, role your mouse over the board and click on the “repin” option. You will then have to decide if your repin exists on an existing board or of you need to create a new one for it. The all you have to do is write a description about the pin and click “Pin it”.
  • If you like a pin, but you don’t want to repin it, roll your mouse over the pin and click on “like”.
  • If you want to know whether or not people like your pins, go to your profile by clicking on your name in the top right corner. At the top of your profile page is an option called “likes”. Click on that to see if people have been liking your pins or not.