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Picnik Makes Photo Editing Easy and Fun

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Warning! Website described in this article is discontinued and no longer in service. Content is moved to ‘Discontinued Websites‘.

Just as there is a massive love and interest in taking photographs to publish online on the internet, there is also a huge interest in manipulating those images with special effects, resizing them to be optimal for the internet in terms of quick download speed without noticeable loss of resolution, cropping them or adding borders and other on image effects. And over the years quite a large number of image and photo editing software as a service web sites have grown to prominence and with varying degrees of functionality and utility. Whilst they can all do the mainstream types of special effect, some sites developed or pioneered their own proprietary functions that have set them apart from others.

Picnik Integrates with All the Major Social Networking Sites

One such web site for editing photographs that grew to be very popular has been the Picnik web site. Founded in 2005 and based in Seattle Washington, the business grew rapidly and developed many strategic partnerships with complimentary sites like Flickr which incorporate a reduced set of functions of the Picnik suite of tools into the Flickr tool kit. Users of Picnik could easily import their images from many others sites quickly because Picnik was integrated with them; namely FaceBook, Flickr, My Space, Picasa Web Albums, Yahoo Image Search and Google Plus as well as uploading an image from from your computer or from any web site. Most of the suite of tools found in Picnik was free to use; though there was also a premium level of services available on a monthly, six monthly or annual subscriptions to access the most advance features. However, often these types of most advanced features really do take advanced user skills to get the best out of them anyway. Picnikís main claim to fame was how easy it was to use, and it soon came to the notice of senior people within the Google team. The bottom line is that the Google team loved the Picnik brand and suite of photo editing tools that they acquired the business in 2012 and incorporated it into the Google Plus line up.

Google Now calls the Shots at Picnik

The developers of Picnik who now work for Google report to being very happy about the move, and that they now feel more empowered to focus n the product development of Picnik under the Google brand and with the Picnik muscle to get things done. There were no reports of cash problems for Picnik, and no reports of any moral problems from the merger of the two businesses. In fact the only signs of any discontent were some murmurings from some users who were not happy about the deletion of the old Picnik photo database being deleted rather than imported into the Google Plus infrastructure. Yet there is no doubt that all users were registered, and that all registered users were granted many months to download their old photographs and images long before any deletions occurred. All premium fee payers were fully refunded successfully and the fact is that big fish like google are always going to eat little fish like Picnik. It is simply the nature of American business this side of there being anti trust issues of monolithic corporations reducing competition to extremes.

Picnik Moved to Google + Umbrella

In any event, using Picnik (now known as Google +) is very straight forward. After registering the account, it is a simple matter of uploading the image you wish to edit. The buttons on the tool menu all are logically laid out and easy to use. You can click to auto correct an image, or click it again to reverse the auto correction if you are not satisfied with its results. Just as simply you can click to resize an image by cropping it. Alternatively you can add text captions to your image, rename it, add borders and the list goes on of what special affects you can add to the image. When you are finally satisfied with the result, you should be careful to save it with a new file name so as to not confuse it with the file that you originally started with. Often the file size is a very big consideration because if for example you are going to use the edited image for a profile in a forum or similar social network, often the site will have its own rules about minimum and maximum file sizes for avatars and image sizes. Indeed it has been because of the disparity between all the different sites about their limitations and requirements that gave rise to photo editing web sites in the first place. So often when you are choosing to work with a favorite image it is quicker and easier to edit it into five or six files of different sizes so as to always have one of the correct sizes available for whenever you join in a new community online. That and of course it is always handy to have one optimized for including with your emails from time to time; or as some people do ñ have it permanently set in the email signature.

Picnik may have come and gone, now absorbed into the bowels of Google + for ever more now; yet its full functionality still remains and is just as easily accessed via the Google interface. Give the Google acquisition has only taken place in recent months, it is far too early to know if the takeover will cost the business any loss of innovation and further development of the tools available. Certainly Microsoft has a pitiful reputation for innovation, especially in those subsidiaries it acquires. Google on the other hand still has a fresh baby face in the world of big business and is still known for its innovative stance across its product range and service offerings. Only time will tell if Google is the next uncaring corporate monster. For now it is better to think of Picnik has simply relocated to the Google umbrella.