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Photobucket – A Complete Guide

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With the growing presence of internet, people are now communicating with others all around the globe and sharing their moments with easy. Photobucket is one such place to help people share with ease and more openly through images and videos. Photobucket is a media storage place that allows members to upload images and videos and share them with others. You can edit your photos and videos before uploading and you could also use Photobucket’s scrapbooking feature to create themed slideshows to more interactive viewing. Create photo and video albums to have stuff the way you like.

Photobucket also offers its own print shop where you can print your photo memories. Print your image on canvas prints, photo cards, mugs, t-shirts etc. With high-quality prints, you can treasure your memories for a lifetime.

Photobucket – Feature list

With plenty of features on offer, Photobucket might as well be your one-stop place for all your images and videos. To summarize, some of its features can be listed as:

  • Store photos and videos – Photobucket lets you store photos and videos in your personal account which you are able to access from anywhere. Organize your photos in albums.
  • Photo editor – Use photo editing feature available on Photobucket to make your photos even better. Add effects, captions and much more to your photos.
  • Create slideshows, photo mashups for more interactive viewing.
  • You can easily share your photos and videos to your family and friends via email or use sharing option to share on Facebook, Twitter and more. Follow albums you like.
  • Link your photos and videos anywhere. All you need to do is copy the link of your photo or video and paste to share on Facebook, Twitter, blog or forum. These direct links embed the pictures in forums or websites. The images are displayed there, but the actual image is stored on Photobucket.
  • Print your photos and order them from Photobucket.
  • Download Photobucket applications for mobile, available for android, iOS and windows and access your Photobucket profile anytime. You can directly upload stuff from your mobile.

Photobucket Accounts

To avail all features, you need to setup your personal account.

You can sign-up on Photobucket using your Facebook account or by using an email address. On the top-right corner on the Photobucket homepage is the Sign-Up option and go to the sign-up page.

Using your Facebook account makes the whole process much easier and your account is setup in no time.

If by any chance you don’t have a Facebook account, you can sign-up using your email address. You would be required to fill up certain details for completing the process.

Once you complete the sign-up process, you will be redirected to your Photobucket homepage. There you will be able to see what’s trending on Photobucket, special offers that Photobucket store is offering and much more. You will be directly able to access your library, recent uploads, upload new stuff from the homepage itself. 10GB of storage available 2GB initially and 8Gb after downloading the Photobucket app.

Trending topics are displayed on the profile homepage. You can go through them or search what you want to see. The photos are displayed in albums according to our search reference.

Photobucket – How to use

Using Photobucket is relatively easy and straight forward. The options are easy to find and use.

Uploading photos/videos – Uploading your photos or videos is easy. Click on the upload option and you will find the below-shown setup.

You can choose photos or videos directly from your PC or you can choose one from your Facebook albums or directly paste the link of your photo/video and it will be uploaded to Photobucket. You also have an option to directly folders to Photobucket or use Bulk Upload option to upload in bulk. You also get privacy setting option for your photo/video. You can keep the photo/video public or private (only you can view) or choose to keep it password protected (other members will have to input the password to view).

After the upload has finished, you can add a description and on opening the uploaded photo/video, you will get a host of share options. Share links for Emails, HTML or direct photo are presented. There is also a host of option for photos which you can use.

You can now edit your photos with Photobucket’s editor tool.

You also get direct share options to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr or Pinterest. This makes the whole process easy and you can quickly share your memories.

Photobucket also provides you with Photobucket print shop, where you can have your photos printed.

You can choose from canvas prints and other range of materials like metal, acrylic etc. You can also get your photo memories be made into a book form, specially designed on your choice. You also get options to have them printed on small portable items like mugs, table tops, towels etc. With this, you can share your special moments with your family and loved ones on something they can touch and feel. On special occasions, exclusive discounts are offered on these services.