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The Photo Web Site is a Massive Resource for Lovers of Anything Photographic

In terms of types of media found on the Internet, it tends to be either text, video, audio, or photographs. Because of the bandwidth limitations of traditional dial up modems back in the 1990s, video in those early days was not at all that popular and has really only taken off since the advent of ADSL modem technology. Even audio is bandwidth intensive, though in any event audio has always been less popular that the combined effect of video with sound files. So dating back to when the Internet first started to become popular, way back before the advent of web 2.0, the internet was mostly about text and images and in very static ways to of information only travelling one way; from web site owner to the site visitor. And over the nearly twenty years of the internetís growth, both in terms of bandwidth and web 2.0 functionality, while video has exploded into popularity and now makes up the largest component of data shipped around the world; nothing has every detracted from the power and impact of photographs and images. Photos are just as important today as they have always been.

Nearly One Million Registered Photo Members Makes it a Large Community

And one such web site that has always been there in support of peopleís love and commitment to photos is the social network web site called Photo. Commenced at the very dawn of the Internet in 1993, way back when the likes of Microsoft were still struggling to launch a web browser; way back when there was the now defunct browser called Netscape Navigator, Photo began its life as a humble web site devoted to those people with a love affair for all things related to photographs. The Photo site is now a fully fledged and extremely busy community of photographers and those who appreciate or need their creative output. And some of the numbers are staggering. For example, every month the Photo site gets more than six million visitors, three point six million of whom are unique visitors each month and who collectively click to see more than forty five million pages. Over the years they have made nearly four hundred thousand comments coming from the eight hundred and thirty thousand registered users, all of which makes the Photo a very busy community by any oneís measure.

Equipment Reviews of a Dozen Brand Names

Visitors are either photographers looking to improve their skills or generally socialize with other linked minded professionals or amateurs; or they are people seeking out the best images to view, enjoy or license and use. As a peer to peer educational system, the Photo web site has no serious competitors in the space. And with the advent of digital cameras over the years, this has created a boom in interest from new and aspiring artists wanting to work with the medium. Joining the Photo site is easy, though they do seek more information than most membership sites do. This is simply to enable other members to appreciate more about who and where you are; it is a community all said and done. Membership is free; though there is a paid level of subscription should you wish to upgrade your membership. Certainly the paid for membership is not recommended until you have seen the long list of what is included in your free membership and can confirm there is value there in it for you. For free you will be able to join in the discussions on nearly forty forums; which is more than enough to see if your face fits and will enjoy the community as a whole at the paid for level.

Photo is Huge but Easy to Use

Do be prepared for a massive web site with each top menu item then dropping down to include a massive list of sub menu items. For example, under the ‘equipment menu item, that will drop down to nearly two dozen brand name manufacturers from which you can then interrogate further for what that brand may have of interest for you. Yes there are large volumes of product advertising on these pages as you would expect and probably hope for; but they also include significant numbers of product reviews from other community members who have already bought the item and have something to say about it. Personally I have always found the real experience of past buyers to hold much greater value and reliability than what any manufacturer or vendor is preaching to me about their product.

Photo has a Huge Teacher and Learning Resource

The ‘Learningî top menu item is very special because as a teaching resource it has an extensive list of sub menu items to choose from; each one broken down into all the core aspects of improving your skills and abilities. Be it on issues related to lighting or dealing with nature photography or who to be the best you can be at nude photographs, the learning centre is impressive. But perhaps most of peopleís time gets spent in the ‘Forumsî because this is where people get to engage with others, to ask questions or to contribute advice; forums is where the real action is of making friends and learning how to be the best we can be with our chosen hobby or profession. All in all, the Photo web site is very impressive, extremely well laid out and even as busy as it is, it is very easy to use. The only annoying thing about it is that it runs a banner advertisement just under the top menu. And when the drop down list opens up when you mouse over a menu item, it disappears behind this banner advert. The point is that it then becomes impossible to select any sub menu item that appears below this banner because the sub menu disappears as soon as your mouse crosses onto the banner. Perhaps that is just an issue with using the FireFox web browser; but it is annoying just the same.