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Find An Apartment Quickly And Easily With PadMapper

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Finding an apartment is one exercise that many people would rather not embark on, except for the fact that it may just be absolutely necessary. The things you have to deal with are myriad, ranging from horrible environments to dishonest landlords, tiny places passed off as something different and so much more. Most people cringe at the thought of taking on all these and yet wasting time doing so. Is there a solution? The answer is yes and that is PadMapper. This online service was created by someone who had the very same experience that most apartment-hunting folks have and found a way around it. By creating PadMapper, the stress of looking through gadzillion listings and working with excel sheets while wasting a lot of otherwise productive manhours has been taken off your hands. PadMapper now makes it possible for you to look for apartments in a much easier and less time-consuming method.

On PadMapper website, you have a huge map and the system plots the apartments on the map so as to present a very visual picture and at the same time allow you to filter for the precise apartment you are looking for. Included in the graphic representation are some overlays that are neatly inserted with information that guide you by giving information about the area.

How To Use PadMapper

Using PadMapper is quite easy. As a matter of fact, it was designed to make apartment-hunting fun as opposed to the pain it typically is. One of the most important features you will see once you get to the PadMapper website is the massive map that covers the entire page. The idea is to give you a very graphic idea of what the area you have in mind and also furnish you with information as go carry out your search.

On the left side of the website, you have the window where you can set your preferences. At the basic level, you can set your rent range, number of bedrooms as well as the number of bathrooms. You can also set the tenancy type; sublet, full-lease, rooms or vacations. There are additional filters available and these include the price per bedroom as well as the maximum age of the listing. One of the additional filters is the keyword feature which allows you to include or exclude any feature you do not wish to have in the house. Including the minus sign in front of the word male (-male) would tell the system to exclude listings that are male only accommodation. Overlays are also included and these allow you to view certain attributes of a particular listing. For instance, you can see the Walk Score overlay, Neighborhood overlay, Mass Transit overlay and Commute Time overlay.

While using PadMapper, you have the option of registering and or logging in and while it is optional, there are some advantages you enjoy when you register. These include the ability to save or mark as favorite, any listing you have viewed, taking notes while searching right within the application, usage of the application on other devices other than a PC as well as creating a renter profile that will not just enable you stand out but also generated more confidence in a landlord.

When you have created a renter profile on PadMapper, you can use it when communicating with a landlord as the system automatically includes the information provided in your profile in your outgoing emails to the landlord. To create a profile for yourself is also easy. Once you login to PadMapper, go to the My Profile tab at the top of the page and click on it then click on the profile link that appears.

You can find out the drive and walk times on the My Places tab on each listing by simply adding your own places such as office or school in PadMapper. To do this, click on the My Places tab at the top left side of the page then fill in the two fields with the requested information; Nickname and Address then click ‘Add’.

How To Register on PadMapper

Registration on PadMapper is a very easy process and quite quickly completed without any hassles at all. To register, click on ‘Sign In’ link on the display window on the left side of the website. When you do that, a small window opens on the page provides three options; Login, Register and Forgot. Click on Register to display the form. There are three details meant to be filled in and these include Email, Password and Full Name. After providing the required information for these fields, you have the option of indicating your willingness to provide a review of the apartment you are able to rent through PadMapper after a three to eight month period. Once you have done that, just click the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the form to complete the process.

Costs of Using PadMapper

PadMapper is absolutely free for apartment seekers to use. All you need to do is register if you wish and create a profile, again if you desire to do so. There is however a special component of the service known as PadLister which serves the needs of landlords and estate brokers. As with PadMapper, this component helps landlords find tenants who are easily compatible with them. By making use of advertising, contact management, open houses as well as online applications, PadLister is able to attract the type of tenant a landlord would want. PadLister charges $25 per applicant when a landlord or estate broker uses online applications with his listings. However, this fee applies only when the online application is actually used, otherwise, the listing is free. Landlords also enjoy the feature of being able to upload pictures in order to provide a pictorial viewing of the property to the prospective tenants. The listings are allowed to remain for about four weeks before being taken down except you decide to renew.