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PadMapper – Revolutionary Web Site for People Seeking a Rental Property

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There was never going to be any question that real estate companies would rapidly jump onto the internet band wagon to assist them with ways to reach out to home buyers and sellers, as well as to bridge the gap and match the needs of landlords and tenants. The dynamic nature of internet content being live and in real time; listings can be added and dropped within seconds of deciding a listing should continue, be updated with supplementary information or deleted as a no longer available. The traditional alternative of classified newspaper advertisements is very cost prohibitive, delayed and holds no where nearly the marketing presentation qualities of full color of the internet, is so cheap as to be almost free for the realtor company to sustain it professionally over the long run and for such an expensive option buying only the tiniest space with no ability to make any listing stand out and be be noticed, the web site option no has a vast array of software functionality to help people find exactly what they want quickly and efficiently. That is, why should I be forced to scan every newspaper listing when I am only looking for a sub-lease or an apartment of one bedroom? Many of these web sites are national; most are local area relator businesses catering for the local market only.

Fast and Useful, Pad Mapper is a Map Based Tool for Finding Your New Pad

Pad Mapper is rapidly growing to be a national realtor presence, but its specialty is the cater for the rental market; and for now only caters for the cities of Denver, Los Angeles, New york, Chicago, Vancouver, New Orleans and Washington DC. That is, they have built the most complex and functional platform that can be rapidly deployed to new regional areas and cities, but they are growing their business in a managed way. It was not that long ago that Pad Mapper only catered for New York alone, and it makes solid business sense for them to grow the large capital city markets in order of their priority first. There is no need to join Pad Mapper as such; the only advantages you gain by joining are that you can track and save your preferences and the list of properties you have short listed, develop your own renter profile to perhaps attract attention of landlords and that you can take notes on each rental property that interests you.

No Account Needed, But Accounts Save Your Preferred List, Save Your Notes and Make Life Easier

The Pad Mapper system is very easy to use. When you visit the site, you nominate the zip code, or area that you are interested in. When you click go, it will set a map background of that area, with a search box sitting on top of this map over the left hand bottom corner. You then use slide controls to elect to search within a price range, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms. When you adjust any of these slide controls, the map of available Pads is highlighted with a number of map pins showing where the vacant properties are located. Click on any of these map pins and a pop up window will have some very useful information for you to consider. That is, it will show where the property was listed; meaning that Pad Mapper is scanning many other sites to find and populate its own site with. For example, a listing advertised on Craigslist yesterday will appear on Pad Mapper; saving you massive amounts of time and energy seeking out all the other potential sites one by one. And this pop up tells you the price, whether there are pictures available, how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are, whether it is a house or an apartment, and what I find very interesting is that it provides an estimate of the price in comparison to other equivalent properties in the area. For example, it may highlight in red that the price of the one you have clicked on is ninety five per cent higher in price than other properties of the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms also for lease in the immediate vicinity.

Take Your Smartphone on the Road When you are Searching for a Place to Rent

The Pad Mapper works fast and is very efficient. You are able to zoom into or out of the back ground map. Of course the further you zoom out the more map pins and choices you will see. And when you have clarified for yourself the more specific area of a zip code that you wish to narrow your search down to, then when you zoom in you will have less noise of too many map pins to sort through. And in a more zoomed out mode, not all the available properties will be shown. So it is important to zoom in to expose yourself to all potential properties that really are available. Whilst creating an account is not required, with such work of checking through many real estate listings always gets confusion after a time, and so I personally find the note taking ability of having and account and for saving my short list of preferences all to be a good idea. After all, searching for a new home can rarely ever be concluded in just one day of looking at one web site, and notes and short lists will help you to continue narrowing down the short listed ones worth visiting and making site inspections of. Another useful feature is that when you have red the pop up details for a map pin item, you can cause that one to be deleted from the map so that you wonít accidentally click it again by mistake. All of Pad Mapper is available for use with Android and iPhone devices; so this makes the site particularly useful with your smartphone while out on the road visiting potential properties that interest you.