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What You Need to Know About OpenDNS

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openDNS provides internet security and DNS services and is one of the leaders in this field. According to their website the services they provide include industry leading malware and botnet protection, award winning Web filtering, faster, reliable, more secure DNS, ultra-reliability, globally distributed cloud network, and it is simple, smart, and easy.
There are few very good reasons why people use openDNS:
– OpenDNS is More Reliable Than Your ISP
– OpenDNS Offers a Robust Set of Parental Controls
– OpenDNS Offers a Safer Internet
– The Internet is Faster with OpenDNS
– You Can Track Internet Statistics with OpenDNS

Creating a Basic openDNS account

Basically you can get set up with openDNS by changing a few specific numbers on your computer. There are a few basic steps you can follow if you want to achieve this.

  • The first step is to go to If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and press Enter.
  • Type in and confirm your valid email address. Your email address is needed so that the verification email can be sent to you and so that you will be able to access your account if you ever forget your password.
  • Type in and confirm the password that you would like to use. Remember that the password you choose should be something that is easy for you to remember. At the same time it should also be something that other people will not easily be able to guess. Think about this carefully.
  • Say where you heard about openDNS and where you will use the account before continuing.
  • The next step is to choose where exactly you would like to change your DNS> the options are your computer, your router or your server. Click on the option that you think s the best match for your purposes.
  • If you are a home user then it is recommended that you select the “Router” option.
  • Let’s assume that you have chosen the “Router” option. The next thing you will have to do is select the brand of your router from the list provided.
  • Once you have chosen the router that you have, there will be a list of very basic instructions for you to follow. Follow these instructions carefully to continue with the process of using openDNS.
  • Once you have found and located your DNS settings, enter 208. 67.222.222 in the primary field and in the secondary field.
  • Once you have done this be sure to save your settings so that the changes you have made will not be lost.
  • After you have done this you will be taken to a page that will let you know that your openDNS is working.
  • Once you have done this you will receive an email notification at the email address that you specified during the sign up process. Click on this link. If you are unable to click on the link simply copy and paste it into the URL.
  • When you do this your account will be confirmed and you will be taken to your dashboard on the openDNS site.
  • The dashboard is where you will be able to edit the settings for your openDNS account. Click on the “Settings” tab in order for your network to be set up. To add a network enter the IP address of the network that you would like to add in the fields provided. Once you have done this, simply click on “Add”.
  • You will notice when you do this that your current IP address will automatically appear in the field. You can add this or add a new network.
  • Then there are a few fields that you will have to fill in. The first is the name for your network. It is a good idea to give it an intuitive name that you are not likely to forget.
  • Click on the link to download the openDNS update client. This is a very important step. If you miss out on this step then you will not be able to complete the process of getting started with openDNS.
  • When the window pops up for the download process, click on “Save file” and then on “OK”.
  • This will keep an eye on your IP to make sure that your network is updated at all times even if your IP address changes.
  • You will then get a page saying “Network successfully added’. You have the option to continue adding networks. You can also monitor your networks at the bottom of this screen. At the bottom of the screen is a list of networks. Click on the new network you just added in order to have access to its settings.
  • There are several filtering levels for you to choose from at this point including High, Moderate, Low, None and Custom. Choose the one that best matches the filtering that you would like to have on your network. Once you have chosen which one you want, click on the button marked “Apply” in order for your changes to be saved.
  • To create a Custom filter you can add categories you would like filtered or specific sites that you either want to allow or to block.
  • After you have done this click on the Customization tab that you will find on the left of the screen near the top. This will allow you to upload your own custom image and custom messages. Everyone who is one your network will be able to see the custom messages.

As you can see, using openDNS is very easy. You should have no trouble at all making sense of this system. It also makes your internet faster and your connection safer, as well as being one of the more reliable options available. You have nothing to use by following the steps outlines above and you may find that using openDNS is one of the best things you have ever done. Give it a try today!