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Buy, Sell and Trade on Oodle

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Oodle is an online platform for classified ads. While that may sound like many other websites out there, it actually is not. Oodle has a model that makes it very unique as it leverages the increasingly growing power of social media. As a matter of fact, Oodle prides itself on its mission of reinventing the way classified ads are run with its social media component. If you are looking for an online marketplace where items are sold within an environment that is comfortable to both seller and buyer, Oodle has acquired a reputation for being outstanding in that regard.

Oodle also presents consumers with a huge opportunity as its network of online marketplaces gets over 15 million unique users every month. Users have a broad range of categories to choose from when buying, selling or trading items. There are categories for cars, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, rentals such as apartments, office space and vacation spaces, dogs, cats, horses and much more. By emphasizing the social media in helping consumers make trades in the marketplace, Oodle has made it possible to reach a wide and diverse range of people and consumer demographics. It has also made it possible for people who may not ordinarily be inclined, to get involved in trading, selling or buying items in Oodle online marketplaces.

Oodle marketplaces are also guided by very strict policies that ensure users do not infringe on other people’s rights. Any item listed has to be done within the framework allowed and communication between buyers and sellers is strictly regulated.

Signing Up To Join Oodle

Joining Oodle is a very easy process as the entire website is designed for optimum user experience and avoid getting users into unnecessary procedures. Once you get to the homepage at, the ‘Sign In’ button is located at the top left corner of the page and when you click on that link, a small window opens, giving you the option of logging into your Oodle account or if you have not opened an account yet, to create one. Click on the link and a larger window opens containing a sign up form. There are five requirements on that form and these include First name, Last name, Home location, Email address and a selected Password. Once you enter all the required details, you can conclude by simply clicking the ‘Join’ button beneath the form. The process is however, complete when you click the activate link sent to you in a confirmation email immediately after you complete the form.

Oodle also provides the option of connecting with Facebook. This will entail permitting the Oodle app to access your Facebook profile. When you click the ‘Sign In’ button on any of the pages on the website, you will get an option to sign in with Facebook. To do so, click on the button and a small login window opens, inviting you to login to your Facebook account. Once you do so, you will be informed that the app will receive information about your public profile, friends’ list and email address. If you would like to permit access, simply conclude by clicking the ‘Okay’ button at the bottom of the window.

How To Use Oodle

Oodle is a rather exciting and uncomplicated website to use. The procedures are straightforward and easy to follow. You can post the advertisement for an item you wish to sell by using the Oodle app of Facebook once you have granted access to the app on your Facebook profile. When you log into your Facebook account, locate the Oodle app on the left side of your page and click on it to enter the marketplace. Click ‘Post a Listing’ and type in an appropriate title and then the price, if any. Enter a location but ensure that it is within the United States as listing outside the US are no longer supported on Oodle. Select the appropriate item category then enter a brief statement indicating your reason for the listing. You may then enter an appropriate description and any other details as you may deem necessary with the provided fields. If you have photos of the item, select it using the function within the app and upload the photo. Indicate whether you wish to post to your friends only or to marketplace. Complete the process by clicking ‘Post’. Editing the posting you just completed is permitted within the app.

Listings on Oodle marketplace are set for immediate activation by default and remain active for a period of 30 days, also be default. You may however, choose to deactivate the listing before the 30 day period expires if you wish.

You may wish to search for a specific item or type of item on Oodle. This is very easy to do. Simply use the search box at the top of the page to type in the item then in the Location box, type in your zip/postal code. You can select the appropriate category when given the option to refine your results. You can also use the Attributes list provided to further refine your search.

Costs of Using Oodle

Joining Oodle is absolutely free. Listing your item for sale is also free on Oodle. The website does not charge you for registration or listing.

Benefits of Using Oodle

  • Huge Marketplace: In view of its more than 15 million unique visits monthly, Oodle presents huge opportunities for any person wishing to sell, buy or trade anything. Additionally, Oodle integrates with Facebook thus making it easy for people to use and engage their followers as well as others.
  • Ease of Use: Its simple design and user-friendly interface also enables you to comfortably set up your listing and post it immediately.
  • Immediacy and Duration: Oodle ensures that your listing is immediately posted and allowed to remain for 30 days. This provides enough time to sell or determine whether a listing should be deactivated.