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Oo com is a Powerful Platform linking Buyers and Sellers,

Of course it is true that all businesses exist to make money. They could not continue to exist for the long run if they failed to operate at a cash flow profitable business level, and of course all businesses have overheads that must be covered from revenues before the business is able to show that profit. And rarely does a business have has part of its corporate culture a mantra of giving money to those who need it. However, there is a very interesting company called Oo com that also has altruistic objectives as well as the usual profit motive that for every purchase made on its web site, a percentage of the revenue is diverted to philanthropic purposes, typically childrenís education needs around the world.

Oo com is a web site for buyers of a wide range of goods at substantial discounts including all manner of foods and restaurants, all travel options including car rentals and luggage, all types of electronics equipment, clothing and apparel for everyone, everything for around the home including garden settings and appliances, flowers and gift ranges as well as jewelry. By aggregating the product offerings of a large array of other businesses, and aggregating them together so that there is something available to meet everyoneís needs; and by bringing together the buying power of millions of online shoppers, Oo com is the platform where buyer meets seller and deals are done. With sales so far north of one hundred million dollars, it is a formula that is working, and it is continuing to grow now that it is well past its formative stages.

Oo com Donates One Percent of Sales to Worthy Projects

Founded by Charlie Kim while he was in college, his South Korean heritage and that he spent fifteen years living in Africa where his father devoted his life to helping people to etch out an existence with improved corn farming technologies. It was from this period of his life that Kim saw the merits of helping other people less fortunate than himself.

But at the end of the day, it does all come down to how deep the discounts are and they are quite substantial and how extensive the product range is, and that is massive as well. With more than sixteen thousand restaurants in their database, all Oo com members get at least fifty per cent off their restaurant bills across the board. And the Oo com has a total of more than four hundred thousand products in their database; now representing seventy per cent of the top Fortune 1,000 companies product offerings.

Becoming a Member of Oo com is Easy and Free

Signing up is particularly easy with just the usual information provided, including your zip code so that the site can direct you to deals only available in your local area. The driving concept or philosophy behind the Oo com site is to ìgive and getî; which refers to how for every dollar bought from the site, Oo com donates one cent towards a project needing financial aid. Called Wow Points, they equate to being worth pone cent each that is given away to deserving projects. The belief is that if people can buy from Oo com at the same price point as else where, then they will be happier to spend that money with Oo com so as to provide the additional help to others in need. And to date, Oo com has donated more than one million and seventy thousand dollars to hundreds of projects. What is also special about Oo com is that members get to vote on and nominate what projects are indeed of some financial support. As projects are put forward for consideration, members can select it an contribute their charitable Wow Points to that cause.

Earn Loyalty Points With Every Purchase on Oo com

Not only do members create a fund of Wow Points to be donated to useful causes and childrenís educational needs, the member also accumulates their own balance of Wow Points which can be redeemed at any time to purchase goods or services online. And many of the goods for sale have bonus levels of points, and so depending on what you purchase, you may end up with three or even five times the normal bonus points for every dollar purchased. So far, well over two billion three hundred million Wow Points have been redeemed; thatís twenty three million dollars of free purchases made by people simple redeeming their points for goods. And members are able to use part cash and part points when making purchases. It is all a very clever loyalty program built into the Oo com business model on top of the already steeply discounted price structure. That is, when people have built up a reasonable chunk of points in their account, they are certainly likely to return to Oo com to make more purchases to maximize their Wow Points total. It is interesting that the points have no restrictions on them and no black out days where points cannot be redeemed; they are treated just as if they are cash and they never expire.

User Generated Reviews are Very Real on Oo com

Part of the Oo com site is the reviews that can be left by any member who has purchased a product. And this can mean positive or negative reviews; this user generated content of peopleís real experiences is genuine and quite enlightening. It is interesting to navigate around the site to see what people have experienced with some of the largest name brand retailers out there; customer service being of great concern to many.

All in all, Oo com is definitely worth checking out and to use it to compare prices from for example other aggregated buyer web sites like Amazon. Even if all pricing is the same; then the loyalty program of accumulating Wow Points as well as the charitable donations made because of your purchases could swing the balance in your favor of getting great deals while helping others at no cost to yourself.