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NutshellMail Review

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If you like social media services so much but you cannot find enough time to be there, NutshellMail is just the solution for you. What NutshellMail does is to keep track of your social media accounts such as mails, tweets, or Facebook messages and then deliver their information to your mail. Also NutshellMail presents your information in a data that can be easily synthesized by you and in fact NutshellMail can be used by businesses to track their social media messages without much time wasting.

How do I sign up for Prezly?

Signing up for NutshellMail is extremely easy. First you will have to open up the NutshellMail website in your internet browser. The website address for NutshellMail is If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see at the top right corner a place labelled “create account” click on this section and follow these simple steps for a successful sign up. The moment you click on it, it will lead you to a new page which has a new form that will require you to fill in some very simple details. Fill in this form appropriately beginning with your email address, fill this part with your primary email address, and after doing this follow it with creating a password for your primary email. Then lastly, confirm the password by re-entering it on the last part that needs you to fill in the password again. Immediately you are done with the form and filling in of the details, click on the immediate social media networks icons among them Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Yelp. Click only on those networks that you have active accounts on. This is so since NutshellMail will only be able to get your messages and tweets from only your accounts to your email address. Once you have clicked on those icons, your authorization will be required to allow the use of NutshellMail in your social media accounts. Confirm by logging into your respective accounts. By doing this, you will allow NutshellMail to be able to synchronize with your social media accounts. When you have successfully done this, click onto “continue” this will allow you to tailor your information in the exact way that you want NutshellMail to give them to you. By filling in the next form with details on time and frequency that you would like NutshellMail to present the data in your email address account. Choose this well, ensuring that the days are effectively determined and that the time and frequency of how many times a week is also set. When you have finished with this, click in finish and you will be taken to the next page that confirms that your email address has bee synchronized with this application. From here you can now be rest assured that you will be receiving a well structured mail and tweets from your email address courtesy of NutshellMail.


How NutshellMail works

NutshellMail simply saves you the energy of having to run around to check most of the accounts that you subscribe to. Therefore instead of moving from one point to the other to you’re your secondary and tertiary mails, to move to your social network account, checking on so many tweets others which are not even important, or trying to find the important reminders or anniversaries that you may have forgotten, instead NutshellMail will do all this running for you. It will monitor all your accounts, and tailor only the most important information that you may need or that you had specifically directed it to take. From there it will tailor this information in such a way that it will be presentable, and easy to comprehend. When this has been done, NutshellMail will in turn move all these information data to your primary email inbox at the exact time and on the exact day that you had initially programmed it to. You will in turn receive this information and consume it either at that specific moment that you receive it, or later at your own convenience. Also since NutshellMail will only give you what you asked for, it will in turn save you the pain of having to look through other unnecessary information for a single very vital one.

Merits of NutshellMail

You will be able to set up your account by a few simple steps, and also be able to manage other account specifications such as the time, and days of the week that you want to receive updates.

You will also save time since NutshellMail will present you with a tidy and well structured mail at the exact time that you need it. This enhances time management for you as you will not be running around trying to go through all the unnecessary things that may have been sent to your social media accounts.

NutshellMail also provides you with event reminders therefore you will not forget your wedding anniversary, a friend’s birthday, status updates from pages that you are a fun of, events, and also links to other photos and videos.

You will also enjoy the liberty of configuring all your secondary and tertiary email accounts in a single combination and then forward them together to your primary email. This will assist you in managing all your mails on a single platform.

Unlike other online applications of the same kind, NutshellMail is easy to set up and you do not require prior website programming knowledge to be able to do it. It also saves time and chooses only the exact information that the user has set up to receive in his emails, therefore it grants full user control to the kind of information the user receives.

In general NutshellMail does the following work for you, monitors your tweets and reviews, tailors and displays your social media information in one place which is your mail, and is also suitable for private use and in business system.