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Enhance Sales Leads And Customer Relationship Management Using Nutshell

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Productivity is a major goal of any business enterprise regardless of the market or niche in which it operates. In order to a business to be highly productive, it must be able to acquire and cultivate customers/clients. This is one of the most difficult tasks a company faces as failure will lead to certain loss and even worse, bankruptcy.

Nutshell is a software development company that is laser focused on making the very best, innovative and customer-friendly CRM solutions. Nutshell CRM solutions are purpose-built to accommodate the requirements of a broad range of businesses. One of the objectives upon which Nutshell CRM solutions are built is quite uncommon; to be enjoyed by users. In order to achieve that objective, the software built by Nutshell are typically made to have smart designs. Many of Nutshell CRM software solutions are web-based but then the company’s capabilities extend beyond web-based software into mobile applications. In fact, Nutshell CRM solutions are made to operate across platforms with ability to integrate with many other platforms via very robust APIs.

Nutshell CRM’s online platform, accessed via its website, is a versatile platform on which business owners begin their journey to work hand-in-hand with Nutshell in cultivating a band of customers/clients who are tremendously happy. By using this service, businesses also become capable of nurturing the relationship between their brands and customers/clients, leading to increased value and ability to enhance revenues.

Nutshell CRM enables businesses to integrate with many other software applications already being used by those businesses as part of their operations. Thus businesses do not have to hesitate at incurring switching costs as they only have take advantage of Nutshell CRM inbuilt integration functionalities to seamlessly connect with services such as Google Apps, Zendesk, Olark, Wufoo and MailChimp among others.

Workflow perfection, Open design model as well as smart design are three core attributes built into the Nutshell CRM service for the benefit of the client.

Signing Up To Use Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM is so proud of the service rendered to clients that the when you visit the company’s website, you are immediately offered a 30 day trial. Within this period, you are free to evaluate the performance and features of the Nutshell CRM solution and test the claims made by the company.

The Sign Up process is designed to be smart and pain-free, in line with the company’s goals for its software solutions. Once you fill out the required form, that is it. There will be no additional forms to fill out thereafter. To begin this process, you have to get to the homepage on the Nutshell website which is located at then look for the Sign Up button at the top right corner of the homepage and click on it. This will take you straight to the Sign Up page which contains a very simple form with just four field to be filled out. The required information includes the following:

  • Full Name
  • Company Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Number of Users Expected

Once you fill in the information, simply click on the Create New Account button just below the form.

Costs of Using Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM cost structure is one of the simplest available on any web-based platform. There are no tables to peruse and no calculations to be done by users, no monthly and annual based pricing models nor quarterly and half-yearly plans either. There is a single price of $15/month per user but clients have to sign up a minimum of three users. Additionally, there are no features segregation models as all features are available to all users. These features include the following:

  • No upper or lower limits on the number of leads, accounts and contacts you can build with the solution.
  • No cap on the storage
  • Full API access
  • Native mobile apps
  • Support customer support via email and phone
  • No contracts

Superb Features Offered By Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM offers users very excellent features that combine to provide that amazing user experience. These features include:

  • Metrics streamed to your dashboard in realtime: Nutshell CRM provides a dashboard that gives you excellent insight into your business. The dashboard updates itself in realtime, proving you with a flow of the activities as they occurs such as incoming leads and team email. You are thus able to get a wholistic look at what your team is doing, how well the team is performing and determine the best course of action such as targeting high-value customer and making follow-up visits etc.
  • Intelligent Task Management: You are able to either manually create and assign tasks or allow leads assign tasks by building detailed sales processes. As Nutshell CRM is integrated with Google Apps, tasks and activities automatically appear in your popularly used Google apps such as Google Calender and Google Tasks.
  • Notifications: By using this functionality to draw attention of other users, they are able to view and act on notes or activities you deem necessary. Other notifications you get include new leads and any changes made to existing ones, proposal wins and much more.
  • Meeting Invites and Reminders: Once you sync your Nutshell activities to your favorite Google Apps such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange, they will get notifications of activities.
  • Easy Review of Team Efforts: The activity reports within Nutshell CRM allow you to track and measure progress made by yourt team. You can also set benchmarks and even determine which team members are performing exceptionally well.
  • Easy Pipeline and Sales Tracking: Nutshell CRM come with functionalities that allow you to make comparisons between various periods as you may determine using filters to get the results that you require. You are also able to create customized reports.
  • Cross Platform Availability: Nutshell CRM is available to you on multiple platforms including Android and iOS thus making it possible for you to log into and use your account while on the go.