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Share Design Information With Your Team Faster Using NotableApp

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The combined volume of Apps in the Apple and Google stores is overwhelming and on a regular basis, more are being uploaded. Of course, mention is only made here about the two most prominent App stores. There is also the Windows platform and numerous apps available on the web. The reason for this proliferation is the fact that each App is meant to solve a problem or challenge being faced by people. Thus there are apps for transportation, appointment, writing, health, agriculture and just about any other topic anyone can think about. However, building an app is typically a difficult process and requires several iterations before the final product is produced. There also has to be input from users in order to get great perspective on the product as opposed to the sole views of the developer(s). These processes may be quite cumbersome, beginning from concept to wireframing, first iteration, second iteration and so on. If the developers are not in a single location, it gets more complicated and then, there is the testing phase. All this simply points to the need to have a platform that allows people to connect and collaborate seamlessly and effectively throughout the process, from concept to finish. The benefit of this is the ability to co-create a product as though all parties involved were in one location.

NotableApp offers its users an environment enables them to take screenshots of any interface, wireframe or design sketch. The app also allows users to make and exchange detailed notes right on the shots taken with other members of their team. This facilitates swift exchange of ideas between team members. Imagine being able to simply sketch an outline of an app idea and sending the screenshot to other team mates who can then make notes on it then share again with others. As this happens, the idea develops and the sketch becomes a clearer outline. Screenshots of other apps may be taken and shared/discussed, highlighting specific areas. By using a system of this kind, collaboration is enhanced and project progress easily monitored while timelines are far more easily met.

NotableApp is a viable platform for communicating with your development team anywhere in the world as the app is web-based and therefore accessible from anywhere in the world in addition to being accessible on PC and mobile devices. NotableApp also emphasizes ease of use and workspace transparency which ensures that work gets done faster and far more efficiently.

Features of NotableApp

NotableApp boasts of tons of awesome features that boost the efficiency of design teams. Those features include the following:

  • Bulk Image Upload: Users do not have to share sketches they may have one at a time. They can just use the bulk image upload feature to upload multiple images.
  • Mac, iOS and Windows Application: Regardless of the operating system that a user is running, NotableApp works perfectly well to take screenshots and send directly to the app.
  • URL capture and bookmarklet: By using the NotableApp bookmarklet or simply copying and pasting the URL into NotableApp, the webpage will be instantly captured.
  • Note Adding: Users very easily add notes right on top of the screenshots. In order to make the notes even more succinct, the user draws a circle around the area where he wishes to make the comment then types in the desired feedback. There is no limit to the number of times this can be done. Simply save anytime you make a comment.
  • Note Sharing: NotableApp allows users to share their notes very easily with team members. The sharing takes place instantly.
  • Export Available in Different Formats: Exporting posts in NotableApp is easily done in many formats including PDF and CSV which are also printable.
  • Brilliant Organization: NotableApp offers three methods for organizing posts; Single Posts which the user can view on the dashboard, Sets which are grouping of single posts and Workspaces which permit collaboration with certain people selected by the user.
  • Restricted Viewing: Users may restrict who sees feedback they give until the user grants permission to them.

Signing Up to Use NotableApp

NotableApp has structured its sign up process to coincide with the activation of any of the chosen subscription packages. To sign up, navigate to the homepage and click on the ‘Sign Up’ link located at the top right corner of the page. This will open the price and plans page where you may click on the button beneath the plan you desire to purchase. There is also a link for a FREE plan. Clicking the link to select any of the plans will open the sign-up page which contains five fields for user details and an additional three fields if it is for any of the paid subscription plans. The fields are as follows:

  • Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Time Zone
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Name of Credit Card
  • Credit Card Number
  • Security Code

After filling in the details, complete the process by clicking on the ‘Create My Account’ button beneath the form.

Costs of Using NotableApp

NotableApp offers a 30-day FREE trial for any of its plans. If the user is a non-profit or educational organization, they get a 25% discount. Additionally, NotableApp provides an annual pricing option for users who desire to make bulk payment. This has to be arranged directly with the company with payments made via credit card, check or wire transfer. The pricing plans are as follows:

  • Basic: This costs $19/month and its features include the following; unlimited posts for users, unlimited sharing with other users, PDF export, unlimited number of team members.
  • Plus: This costs $49/month and its features include the following; Sets, in-App customization, custom PDFs, unlimited posts for users, unlimited sharing with other users, PDF export, unlimited number of team members.
  • Premium:This costs $99/month and its features include the following; Workspaces, Work organization, Team segmentation, Sets, in-App customization, custom PDFs, unlimited posts for users, unlimited sharing with other users, PDF export, unlimited number of team members.