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Get Customer Support Analytics For Your Customer Helpdesk Using NiceReply

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Every forward-looking business enterprise considers its customers to be its most important strategic assets thus considerable resources are invested to ensure that they get the very best service. As organizations and businesses continue to invest massively in customer support to complement other service delivery efforts, there is increasing strain on the customer support system which has to cope with any shortcomings of other departments and the increasing influx of customer to the enterprise. Of course, more customers means good news but when there is no corresponding high quality customer service, customer churn may set in. Many enterprises wonder how they can determine how well their customer service is doing and this is a difficult question to answer by simply adopting ‘rule-of-the-thumb’ methods like many businesses do. According to informal statistics, most customers do not inform the business of their departure or reason(s) for leaving. They just leave and most likely inform other people of their negative experiences thus creating a negative perception of the business. The way to prevent this occurrence is to ensure customers can provide feedback about the level of customer support they are getting. Being the people for whom the support system was designed in the first place, customers are in the best position to rate the quality of customer support that is being provided for them. Additionally, the enterprise’s perception of its customer support levels may differ from that of the average customer and by getting feedback from them, appropriate measures may be taken.

NiceReply is a foremost provider of customer satisfaction feedback and analytics for email, live chat and helpdesk support. When enterprises want to get the customer’s input regarding the quality of their customer support, NiceReply is the platform of choice for that purpose. The platform has been used and has glowing testimonial from sveral reputable online services/websites. According to, NiceReply’s system is swift and power yet very easy for email feedback. TNW has given the platform a 5/5 rating for excellent service. According to AppVith, using NiceReply is a breeze and there are no technical requirements as the only skill involved is copy/paste. Thomas Reuters attests to the fact that NiceReply has made it very easy for its customers to share their experiences with the enterprise.

Using NiceReply is also rewarding because the platform has made it very easy to integrate with the most of the popular helpdesk services available. Among the customer support and helpdesk platform s with which NiceReply integrates are Zendesk, Help Scout, Team Support, Live Agent, Kayako, Help Master, FreshDesk. In addition, the platform also integrates with invoice system such as Harvest, FreshBooks and Xero while Gmail, MS Outlook and RoundCube are email platforms supported by NiceReply. Other service providers who wish to integrate can access the NiceReply API for that purpose and do things like build a widget or a custom rating page.

Features of NiceReply

There are many outstanding features that make the platform a first-time choice for service providers. Some of these features include:

  • Quality Feedback: Using NiceReply’s very simple rating scores, customers provide their ratings and even leave feedback without any hassles.
  • Customization: Users are allowed to customize their rating page to provide their customers with a consistent brand experience. Choose from background, text, colors and even language. NiceReply has this feature enabled.
  • Customer Sentiment Identification: The platform enables users to identify their most satisfied as well as most unhappy customers. This will enable the enterprise to take corrective measures where necessary.
  • Employee Rating: Employees are also motivated as the platform has peer competition enabled. This allows each employee to be given a rating based on customer satisfaction.
  • Reporting: The insights derived from the customer ratings are provided to users on a weekly and monthly basis. This is veritable source of intelligence for tracking areas fraught with problems.
  • Ease of Setup and Use: Setting the system up is very easy. All that is required is to paste a feedback link into the user’s email signature.
  • Social Sharing: Customers can share the ratings they have provided with their friends on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  • Mobile Use: The platform is also accessible on mobile devices with full functionalities. iOS and Android mobile apps are available for download via the Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Staff Rating: The platform not only allows ratings by customers but ratings between team members. This help to build team rapport.
  • Extensive Helpdesk Integration: NiceReply offers very extensive integration options for users. Most of the available and popular helpdesk platforms available easily integrate with NiceReply. This provides users with the ability to evaluate their support far more accurately.
  • Rating Invoices: When sending out an invoice to a customer, simply place a link from the system within the email and allow the customer to provide a rating.

Signing Up to Use NiceReply

NiceReply has made its signup process very easy and according to the platform It takes only 60 seconds. Get to the homepage at and click on ‘Pricing and Sign Up’ button located a the top-left side of the page. This page combines both the pricing plans and the sign up form. The form contains five fields;

  • Selected Plan
  • Your Name
  • Company or Organization
  • Your Email
  • Your Password

After entering those details, simply click the ‘Start My Free Trial Now’ button.

Costs of Using NiceReply

NiceReply provides users with three subscription plans but each one may be enjoyed for a 30-day period, free of charge. Users are free to add/ remove agents as they wish and they may also pay for the subscription using credit card. The plans are as follows:

  • Nice: This plan costs $19 per month and accommodates a maximum of 5 agents.
  • Gorgeous: This plan costs $49 per month and accommodates a maximum of 25 agents.
  • Beautiful: This plan costs $99 per month and accommodates a maximum of 75 agents.