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Do you love to hunt for the best deals available?  Do you make sure to research first before buying?  If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then NexTag is the site for you.

What is NexTag?

NexTag is a site that helps users find the best deal for a wide range of products. You can easily search for products, compare the same product being sold by different sellers, or compare the product with other similar products.  Once you have decided to purchase the product, you will be directed to the seller’s site.

How to Register and Use NexTag?

Step One: Navigate to  You have an option to login through Facebook or register by providing the following information: member name, email address, and password.  You can opt to receive emails from NexTag on savings, news and deals by ticking on the Yes checkbox.  If you do not wish to receive these emails, then just leave the checkbox unticked.

Step Two: Upon clicking the Register button, you will be asked to verify your email account.  Just check your inbox, open the email from NexTag and click on the link provided.  You will be notified that your email has been verified and you’ll be asked to login by using the member name or email address and password you provided during registration.

Step Three: Upon login, you can do different things like manage your account settings by editing your profile and providing your first name, last name, birthday, and gender.  These are optional, meaning you can provide all of this information or not provide anything at all.  You can also change your email address and password.

You can manage your personal preferences regarding search like whether to display the product image or not, how many results will be shown per page and do a safe search wherein adult images can either be blocked or filtered.

You can also manage your browsing data wherein recent searches can be displayed or not; advertisements displayed will be related to searches made and search results will display most relevant items first.

There is also a section on email preferences that can be set up by selecting to subscribe or unsubscribe from the different emails provided by NexTag such as Radar, Recommendations, and Newsletter.

My Lists display a history of your NexTag activities like recent searches, visited sellers, and viewed items.  It also displays favorite searches, sellers, brands and products.  You can also have a shopping list and wish list.

Step Four: When you go to the home page by clicking on the NexTag logo, you’ll see a lot of information already.  You can start searching for a product or category.  You can view each of the categories available.  You can see what other people have been shopping for, what are the best sellers and what are the current featured products.

If you do your search of a certain product or category, it will give you two tabs: Shop and Deal.

Shop lets you narrow down your search by using different filters like category, brand, price, seller, shipping, sales & deals and discount.  You can also sort the display of products by best match, best-selling, date added, price, product rating, and seller rating.  Once you click on the product, you will see a comparison of the same product being offered by different sellers, you can compare prices and seller ratings.  It’s easy to compare prices across sellers since the display is in a tabular form.

If there’s only one seller, then you’ll be automatically directed to the seller’s site where you can find product details, product comparison, and customer reviews.  You can purchase the product right away or you can click on other products that were displayed on your search criteria.

There is also an option called set price alert wherein you can indicate your target price to purchase the product then NexTag will send you an email once a lower price has been spotted for the product.  Similar products link allow you to see other products related to the product selected.

Deals show what are the discounted items currently offered that are related to your search.

Step Five: Once you have decided to purchase the product you will be directed to the seller’s site to add the product to cart, checkout the item, and place an order.  Sellers have different ways of handling purchasing, some would require that you login to their site, some would allow you to login as guest and some would also allow you to purchase without even logging in to the site, you just need to provide information every time you purchase an item.

Step Six: Once you have received your product and you are already using it, please make sure to go back to NexTag, search for the product and provide customer review that you think will be useful for users, sellers and manufacturers.

Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Register

You can actually start searching and comparing products even without registering to NexTag, but registering has its advantages like storage of payment method and shipping address to guarantee quick checkout of items.  Also when you register to NexTag you can make use of helpful features like My Lists and Radar.  You can also subscribe from different email newsletters that can help you on your next purchase.

Tip #2: Use My Lists

My Lists provide you a way to go back to items previously searched and viewed.  This will be helpful for you while you are still researching and comparing different products.  It helps you not to forget the items that caught your attention before.  There’s no need to take down notes or save your searches as these are automatically saved under My Lists.

Tip #3: Use Radar

Use Radar to ensure that you won’t go beyond your budget.  You search for the product you want to purchase then set a price alert to indicate how much you are willing to pay for the product then get notified instantly once your target price is found for that product.  This is like matching you as a buyer to the best deal available when it comes to price, no need for you to search for long and compare.

NexTag is such a huge site where you can find almost all the products available from the different sellers.  It’s like one big shopping mall that has it all for you, available 24 x 7 and accessible anywhere.  Plus, you can do virtual haggling without the hassle of going back and forth to different stores.