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Micropoll Review

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Micropoll is an online tool that gives you the platform to easily create online surveys, and polls for your websites or blogs. It will prove quite useful if you want to gather the general opinion from your blog or website visitors. And even in taking a quick but effective look on the opinions of your bloggers about your subject. With Micropoll, the feedback is immediate and you will have a great chance of being informed with that very certain immediacy.

How do I sign up for Micropoll?

Signing up for Micropoll is unusually simple. First you will have to open up the Micropoll website in your internet browser. The website address for Micropoll is However, if you are unable to click on the link to access the website, you can just copy and paste the link into your URL and then press Enter on your keyboard. Or you can basically type this address in the URL. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up effortlessly. Once you have done this, you will be able to see at the top right corner a place marked “Sign Up” or better still at the bottom of this page at the left hand corner, you will find a place marked “get started for free” on a blue background. Click on either of the two, when you do so, it will instantly lead you to a new form that you will fill out and proceed. This new form requires you to first of all enter your email address, then your intended password, and lastly to reconfirm the password. When you are through with this, click on the part at the bottom of the form, “get started” and this is all you need to get started with Micropoll. This is how simple signing up for Micropoll is. Micropoll is free and no charges apply whatsoever, so don’t get worried of having to part with a dime you are covered and your online polls are safe with Micropoll. Once you have done this, Micropoll will log you straight to your account. This account can be used by you over and over again, as much as you would want to.

How it works

Having signed up with Micropoll, you will be able to make your polls in a very simple way. First, you will be taken to the Edit Micropoll section in which you can start customizing your survey, by simply setting a question and adding any possible answers. You will be able to define if you want your poll to be a single choice, a multiple choice, or a drop-down list.

Therefore, after being logged into your new account, you will see an additional tab on top of this page. The page is at and the additional tab is right at the top of it. Click on the additional sign on this tab, it will allow you to vote on whether you want to create a poll on your website or not. This only serves in showing you again how Micropoll works. When you have submitted your vote and clicked on “create poll” it will lead you to the actual page of creating your poll. On this page you will fill in a very short form. First at the top of this form, it will show you the embedded HTML and your poll link. Then you will be required to put up a new question on the question section. And then select the answer type you want. From here you would determine the kind of theme you want in the next part of the form and even set up the exact width of the theme. Lastly you can check on the small default box that allows social media comments to be visible. When you are done, click on “save changes” this section only allows you to edit options. At the bar on the left of the screen you will choose the next part “results setting” here you will set the preferences on your answers among them result protection, total vote count, to enable custom text/HTML on the results, and even choosing the voting trend charts to be seen. You can also allow syndicates or not with the same tab on the left side of the window. When this has been set accordingly, you will start receiving your poll data, and can use the part marked results to check it out accordingly.

Therefore as you can see, while allowing you to tweak other options like syndicate sharing, result protection, or vote count display, Micropoll will also allow you to choose from their selections of themes and colors to customize your survey. Once you have finished your Micropoll survey, you can copy and paste your results’ HTML code into your website or simply share the link via social media. Once you have started using Micropoll the following benefits are sure to be reaped.

Merits of Micropoll

You will be able to get accurate views about your Micropoll poll subject. This will in turn assist you to effectively analyze your position and even in making the necessary adjustments towards what you would have loved to achieve. This is how Micropoll ensures that your poll findings are accurate, Micropoll has a way of logging information about voters, by recording a respondents’ IP address, Micropoll will prevent that user from voting more than once this way, anyone who votes is only assured of a single vote. After that, Micropoll will give you a well structured pie chart, maps, or geographical data of your results. You will also enjoy accurate stats, and an efficient localized reporting. In addition to that, your results will be generated on a template that can be easily integrated or embedded on sites and social media platforms. More specifically since Micropoll does a quick job for you, it generates HTML integrated files. This is very important as most of your clients, or target audience will be able to access the results.

Micropoll is a quick and effective way of getting online polls. It will serve you with the timeliness needed while also giving you dependable results.